Written by: Infinity Concepts

It’s All About Perception | How to Effectively Deliver Your Brand Components

Brand Components

Logos, emblems, taglines… What exactly creates a brand and why? With the recent face-lift of Twitter’s logo, it has me asking similar questions. What I came to realize is, that brands that effectively communicated their organizational “big vision” were the ones who truly knew who they were and what they stood for. Within these organizations, everyone represented “one voice” or one unified idea; and their presentations reflected it.

Yet when it comes to a “brand” there is confusion over what exactly a brand is. What it is not is an abstract or individual concept formed on its own. A brand is developed, and it’s created through the personality, essence, and truths within an organization. The way it’s perceived by the community is the brand image, or what they see when the organization comes to mind. A brand must not just be the exterior message, but it must be an actual reflection of what comes from within.

Brand Imaging and Collectivity

Within an organization there must be an overall sense of collectivity. By that I mean everyone involved must have the same mindset or vision since the organization must stand as its own individual entity. Without that, effective brand communications are lost. The brand image then becomes convoluted and it eventually filters down into its creative marketing campaigns. There must be an overall consensus that is dependent upon teamwork.

It’s All About Perception

Communicating brand components start from within; then they eventually spread outward. It then follows to perception. Think back to your first job interview; all you ask is, what am I going to wear, and how am I going to look? How will the company perceive me? On a much larger scale, these things are asked by organizations. The only difference? Potential clients are the ones in charge. How you’re going to be perceived is up to them; it’s your responsibility. The brand imaging process then extends onto your outward image and motif.

Capitalizing on Graphic Design

Effective graphic design, whether it is done through taglines, quotes, emblems, or images, is done by communicating the actual truths of an organization. By doing so, an organization has the ability to strike a note in the hearts and minds of the observers. It’s more than just brand “appeal” or “creativity.” Brand imaging should reflect the actual collective organizational values and they should span outward. What good is an intriguing brand image if it is not an actual reflection of an organization’s inner essence? Focus on creating sound inner values which can turn into an emotionally appealing brand image. It is a matter of being honest and trustworthy.

Consider your own organizational core values and use graphic design

  • For market positioning based on your core values
  • To express the organizational experience
  • To communicate trust, vision, and unity

Centralizing and communicating your brand’s big vision is not always easy. Remember, before your brand builds a graphic imaging campaign, you must assess the organization and its conformity from the inside. Then build, create, and attract observers through spotlighting on emotions. “You will never get another chance to make a good first impression.”