Written by: Infinity Concepts

How To Build Brand Trust

brand trust Brand trust among your audience is the most critical component in building relationships and increasing your conversion rates.

Perception over Product. Always remember that no matter how superior a product or service you offer, you must position yourself to be perceived that way in the eyes of your audience.

In today’s world of tricky marketing ploys, consumers are incredibly skeptical to buy into what you are trying to sell them. The best way to overcome this barrier is by building trust– once the trust is built, you have not only a loyal customer, but a brand champion.

Here are 6 critical components to building brand trust with your audience.

  1. Engage and nurture. As with any relationship, trust is not built on one simple act, but rather a series of experiences that allow the consumer to build an emotional connection with your brand. Blogs are a great tool to provide your audience with content that benefits THEM, and does not try to sell them on anything. Adding value is the first step to sparking interest between you and your audience. Once the interest is there, it is your job to nurture that relationship through frequent engagements and affirmations.

  2. Let others build your brand. People are less interested in what you are saying about yourself, and more interested in what others are saying about you. Frequently share written or video testimonials and case studies. If you can effectively convey the success stories of others, skeptical consumers will be more likely to believe that you can bring them success as well. It is important to list specific numbers as opposed to giving general statements in the case studies.

  3. Encourage social sharing. Word of mouth, either face-to-face or online, can be your biggest brand advocate and is virtually free marketing. Display social sharing buttons at the bottom of each blog, and encourage participation on all of your social networks. Social media feels very personal to the user, so being able to engage your audience through your facebook, twitter, and so on will allow them to feel accessible to you and connected to your brand on a more personal level.

  4. Display your customers. If you are a B2B organization, it is important that you showcase your previous and current clients on your website. This will help build your credibility and allow for brand recognition from the viewer. If you have worked with other brands they trust, they are more inclined to trust you as well.

  5. Be transparent. No one likes admitting to mistakes. However, in this age of social media and accessible online reviews, it is imperative for organizations to acknowledge any mistakes or customer-perceived wrongdoings in order to move forward in a positive light. Honesty should be at the forefront of your organization.

  6. Keep your promises. Every organization can have their mission statement and brand promise on their website, but the real trust builder is delivering what you say you will deliver, when you say you will deliver it. Nothing damages a relationship quicker than falling short of your customer’s expectations. If you surpass their expectations on quality and early delivery, you will quickly become a hero.

Always remember– your brand is built on how OTHERS perceive you. What do you want your brand to say?