Are You Optimizing Aggressively?

Aggressive optimization has nothing to do with a hostile temperament, but it does involve being quick, decisive, and being willing to let go of any sacred cows.  It is more comfortable to optimize over time, and often better from a scientific standpoint. But sometimes you don’t have time and need to produce results fast.

Data Is Your Friend

Whether you are optimizing display ads, search ads, Facebook ads, or even TV ads, data is your friend.  The more data you have the more certain you can be and the easier it is to test.  In fact, it is impossible

2 Steps To Getting The Analytics YOU Need

We live in an age where almost limitless data is available at our fingertips. But is all that data helping us? I was working through my Google Analytics certification program awhile back and something that really stuck with me was Google’s repeated exhortation that the only data that is important to you is the data that helps you measure what you need to measure.

A Measurement Plan

Whether it is sales data, donor data, social data, marketing data, or web data, what makes it important is how it helps you measure. A measurement plan is supposed to begin with your

What I am about to tell you is not found in any textbook and is not openly discussed among many of the social media elite.  It is a lesson learned from experience and honest observation.  The lesson is that every social media platform, particularly Facebook, has a point of critical mass that you must reach to be effective.  This critical mass is a function of size and engagement.

Defining Critical Mass

Everyone’s first question is “how many fans do I need to reach critical mass?” The answer is simple yet un-gratifying: it varies.  I have seen critical mass occur at

3 Strategies for 3D Lead Nurturing

Turning a new email address into a brand advocate, donor, or customer requires more than just a few well-crafted emails.  That is a one dimensional approach. It takes connecting with people and opening up at least three relationship pathways, or different communications channels that people can be engaged through. A little while back I wrote a post titled Is Your Lead Nurturing 3 Dimensional?  It provides some background on this subject. 

It is not that difficult to create a three dimensional nurturing campaign, but very few organizations ever consider it.  Here are three strategies for effective 3D Lead Nurturing:

IC Becomes Google AdWords Certified Team

Approximately 3.5 billion searches take place on Google every day, and Google’s display network contains over 2 million websites reaching roughly 90% of all people on the internet.  No matter how you look it, Google represents a major opportunity to reach your audience with the right message at the right time.  Whether you are using search ads, website display ads, video ads, app based ads, or even Gmail ads, Google has a platform for getting your message out.

This is why the team at Infinity Concepts is certified by Google to utilize their advertising platform, AdWords.  Many people think of search engine ads when they think of AdWords, but