Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

While that phrase may take you back to 1990 with Hypercolor shirts and Saved By the Bell (you are welcome for your earworm of the day), there are actually some keys that you can apply when working on a project that keeps you spinning your wheels.

When you are not sure if you are heading in the right direction, often times the best thing to do is stop and evaluate what it is that you are trying to accomplish.  Often we get caught up in trying to do things the quickest way, but we are not doing it

3 Keys to Developing An “Awesome” Brand

A few months ago, I started an experiment.  It all started one day when I was getting my son a drink. I brought him the drink and as a way to prompt him to remember his manners I said, “Thanks, Dad. You’re awesome!” To which he replied with a smile, “Thanks, Dad. You’re awesome!”

Flash forward to today and this conversation had been repeated consistently between him and his siblings. And much to my surprise, they started saying on their own.  Every time they want to express their thanks, I get a “Thanks, Dad. You’re awesome!” And not to leave

Defining Your Brand Essence

How exactly do you define your brand? Many think that a brand is a name, a logo, or maybe even a reference to the services an organization provides. However, at the core of the definition, the term “brand” is much more. It is a promise, comprised of all of the various touchpoints of an organization… the sum of all of the experiences by your constituency.  

So yes, your name and logo are a contributing factor to your brand, but also the message your group conveys, the promise it delivers to its constituents, and the essence of the members of the

Expectation of Excellence

The other day I was talking with a client about what information needed to go on their website.  When a potentially thorny issue was being discussed for inclusion on the site, I thought of the following true story.

There was a car wash in Decatur, Ill., where I used to live. When it first opened it was very popular. One day someone claimed their car was scratched by the brushes; in response the owner put up a sign: “Not responsible for scratches to your vehicle.” Soon someone claimed that the brushes bent their antenna; the owner put up another sign

What Image Is Your Brand Reflecting?

Does your marketing reflect today’s social landscape? Cheerios made a major statement when they featured a mixed family to promote their famous cereal. Shortly after, large brands like Coca-Cola and General Motors have hopped on the diversity marketing train.

So why should marketers take diversity into consideration when constructing their targeting strategies? According to the U.S. Census, more than half of the American population is expected to be comprised of minority groups by the year 2042. 

Today’s American family looks significantly different than it used to years ago. In fact, two out of five households now no longer identify by