Let’s go back to the good ole days of grade school. I understand that may have been some time ago for some, but humor me. Do you remember your first crush? – That cute boy or girl you couldn’t stop thinking about. How they smiled or styled their hair. 

You drew your crush’s name next to yours in hearts and wrote love letters you knew you would never show them. You would daydream about them thinking of you in class and you happened to somehow always be at your locker the exact moment they passed. It may seem a little

Are You Thoughtful?

I would like a quick show of hands (okay, not really)… How many times has someone told you (or you have told someone else) “I need a press release!”? And, that marks the extent of the solution to your public relations challenges. 

Unfortunately, a true strategy is often overlooked by marketers because PR appears complicated, not easily quantifiable and honestly, can be quite varied from one organization to another. All of the listed reasons are why a solid, personalized strategy is necessary.

There are many simple questions to ask yourself when developing your strategy. Be sure to think not only

These days, it seems the number of social media platforms are endless! Seeking professional relationships, there’s an app for that. Enjoy sharing videos, there’s an app for that too! Have a passion for sharing recipes, yes you guessed it, there is an app for that also. 

Don’t drown in the vast sea of social media apps! Here is how to effectively select the right social platform to effectively leverage your business.

Define Your Target Audience

This step will be the easiest of the three steps because your social media audience will be the exact same as the audience you target

When marketers think about utilizing technology to reach a particular generation, Millennials usually are the first to come to mind. Naturally so, this generation was an integral reason behind the explosion of technology giants like Apple and Facebook. But what about Generation Z and why should you take notice of this emerging new generation?

Let’s start with the basics. Who is Generation Z? Generation Z, also known as the iGeneration, are those born in 1994 to present. Unlike their generational predecessors, this generation has never seen a world without technology and have practically grown up with a smartphone in hand.

How to Re-energize Your Creative Efforts

According to a certain portion of the world, I could write this article with only three words: Buy a Mac.  But that does not really solve the problem.  Sure, I remember when I got my first iPhone, I immediately felt my “cool-factor” increase by 37%, but that’s beside the point.

Creativity is more than equipment. It is more than typing or clicking.  Creativity encompasses more than all of that.  It is a mindset… a way of life, if you will, that includes both the approach as well as the execution.

Below are five ways to jump start your creative process.