In the marketing industry, the words “creative” and “graphic design” are occasionally used interchangeably.  Unfortunately the ideas are also sometimes used interchangeably.  Both often refer to the development of images.  Both are concepts that one person can deliver.  Both are admirable.  But one is a skill and the other is a process.  Distinguishing which is which can save you time, money, and great frustration.

Get the Creative Juices Flowing
In the industry, creative is the original, imaginative, inventive, inspired development of something with artistic elements.  It’s part visionary, part problem solver.

The creative process is all about

Infinity Concepts Presents Cartooning

We’re energized about this new venture because of all the benefits that cartoons bring to the table. They present a handy and fun way to reach and connect with people. They can inspire, motivate, entertain, and deliver messages in innovative ways. We feel that new opportunities are developing around this medium. After all, cartoons are familiar, they’re comfortable, and people like them. A cartoon can do something a page of text or good photograph can’t do; it grasps the imagination and builds empathy.

New Website Design

Welcome to our new website, which features Infini-view, a powerful tool to help you look at your business, church, or organization from a new perspective, and a new online portfolio to take a look at some of our recent creative work.

With any new construction, there are finishing touches to be made.  Please let us know what you think and if you see anything that needs improving.