Ever notice how you may see a post, but other mutual friends did not? Timing of the post is not everything, there is a particular algorithm that Facebook uses that determines what’s in your newsfeed—and that’s called EdgeRank. All posts, pictures, shares, comments—everything you see on Facebook is dictated by this formula and is unique to each user. There are three dimensions to EdgeRank that all work simultaneously:

  • The first part of the algorithm gauges your “score” with a person to determine if you see their post or not, which is found from the number of “edges” you have

Instagram took the social media world by storm when it introduced its image-centered platform. Now that it has been acquired by Facebook, it comes as no surprise that it is starting to follow in the footsteps of its new owner.

If you have noticed recently, your Instagram feed has started to look a lot different and the people you normally follow are now asking you to click on the three dots next to their post to ensure they show up on your feed.  Remember EdgeRank? Yes, Instagram took a page from Facebook and developed a new algorithm that determines the

Most people think of Google as a search provider.  Many business think of them as an advertising platform. But more than that, Google maintains one of the largest ad networks in the world.  Many of the advertisements you see surfing the web are a part of their network.  Because of this, Google is doing a lot to help ad buyers as well as almost all web users.

All the Ads You Did Not See

Last year Google blocked 780 million “bad ads”.  And they blocked 25,000 mobile aps from displaying ads because the apps were designed to put ads too

When marketers think about utilizing technology to reach a particular generation, Millennials usually are the first to come to mind. Naturally so, this generation was an integral reason behind the explosion of technology giants like Apple and Facebook. But what about Generation Z and why should you take notice of this emerging new generation?

Let’s start with the basics. Who is Generation Z? Generation Z, also known as the iGeneration, are those born in 1994 to present. Unlike their generational predecessors, this generation has never seen a world without technology and have practically grown up with a smartphone in hand.

It was just a few years ago when words “convergence” and “integration” emerged onto the scene. Until that time in the non-profit world, Media, Donor Development, Public Relations, and Creative were each unique disciplines that operated independently of one another.

Because agencies typically specialized in a single discipline, it would not be unusual for a single organization to have a media production company, a fundraising agency, a creative agency and a public relations firm. In fact, this model often remains the case today – but the world is changing. Read on…

With the advent of the Internet and Digital technology,