How to Increase Email Open Rates

Countless hours go into writing the perfect subject line for each new email. Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but subject lines do get much of the focus. Why? Because a well written subject line can increase the open rate, and typical open rates are only 20-30%. (Source:

With the right strategy, email preview text can also give recipients another reason to open the email. Let’s look at how this works in more detail.

Email preview text is the short line of text that shows up underneath or beside the email subject line. (It is also sometimes referred to

Leverage Your Landing Page

Is your landing page lacking? The landing page is often the most overlooked component in a conversion campaign. In many cases, marketers become easily consumed in attempting to craft the perfect ad copy, only to see less than exciting results. A compelling ad can get a reader to the door, but you need a strong landing page to get them to walk through it!

Here are some best practices of successful landing pages:

Head-turning Headline

This is the most important element to your landing page! I repeat, the most important element to your landing page. Your headline can make or

By now, you probably have seen Christmas decorations starting to appear in stores. It seems the holiday season arrives earlier each year! The reason for this is November and December are the two biggest months of the year in sales for businesses and crucial for the bottom line.

But did you know that all nonprofits raise up to 40% of their donations in the last six weeks of the year? How is your organization gearing up to maximize its year-end fundraising goals? 

To help you raise more money this year than in the past, start with these simple, proven steps: 

Coffee. Java. Joe. Go Juice. Jet Fuel.

Tuesday, September 29, was National Coffee Day. Our president, Mark, often talks about how a brand is like a cup of coffee. However, today I want to consider how coffee can improve your direct mail program as it relates to fundraising. Let us take a look at three components of a great direct mail program and how they correlate with characteristics of coffee.


Have you ever gone to get a cup of coffee from a coffee pot… only to realize that the pot has been on for… well, let’s just say

Every year, 30 million people will play fantasy football. It has grown into a billion dollar industry spawning television shows, literature, and honest to goodness academic research. ESPN, for example, employs MBA graduates to run regression analysis to observe trends and establish statistic projections for players.

Can you think of another industry that puts so much thought, planning and analysis into their strategy?


The world of online marketing is evolving just as fast as fantasy football, and the similarities between the two are not limited to the types of people they depend on:

Set your strategy like a lineup