Designing for Email

We all love that perfectly designed email from our favorite organization or business, but there is a lot that goes into it. Let us look at what happens behind the scenes to design these emails.

A hint – it’s not the same as designing for print or web! There are additional considerations that need to be taken into account when designing for email.

What content will be delivered using this design?

If the content will be the same each time the template is used, such as a newsletter containing the latest blog post, then the template can be laid out

Just a few years ago, all talk of email marketing fell in the bucket of “E-mail blasts.” This term was used very broadly, and at times has taken on an unsavory perception.  The Partner Email of today should never be confused with general E-Mail blasts, the difference is game changing.

Just Send Out an E-Blast!

The term “E-Mail Blast” is far reaching, everyone has heard of it, and the name quickly gives you an idea as to its meaning.  Most of the time, this term refers to a person sending an advertising email to a large list of names that

Crafting the Perfect Email Marketing Campaign

While social media has been growing tremendously in recent years, email marketing has continued to be a consistent performer and should not be overlooked. With an average open rate of 13.9% – 29.4% and click through rate of 1.5% – 5.6% (according to MailChimp’s statistics), email marketing receives a high response rate from recipients and is a great way to reach your audience.

Here are a few key steps to building a successful email campaign.


The first step is to put together a strategy for the campaign and its goals. Many questions will need to be asked and answered