A direct mail program should be an essential component of your ongoing fundraising communication  strategy to nurture the relationship with your donors and maintain regular engagement. One of the best fundraising direct mail tips is to segment your donor list. Why? Because segmenting helps you meet your donors where they are so you can tailor your message, ask amounts, and communication strategies to increase their giving and engagement with your organization. Let’s say you have a donor file of 30,000 names. Some of them have never given to your organization, others have given only one time, some have given multiple times,

Recently I was asked if a gift acknowledgement letter should be sent monthly, quarterly, or in an annual letter summarizing all of the gifts given. The answer is none of the above!


While growing up, when someone gave you something, what did your mom always make you say before she would let you enjoy that piece of candy or gum – two important words – THANK YOU!

Unfortunately, there are some organizations who still make the unforgiving error of not saying thank you to their donors. Not only is it the courteous thing to do, but it

10 Mistakes Not to Make With Your Donors


Assume Your Donors Know All About Your Organization

In anything we do it is important to master the fundamentals. Often organizations get so caught up in the busyness of fundraising tactics that they forget about the fundamentals. There are Four Fundamentals every donor needs to know and understand about your organization.

  1. Your Purpose – the need you meet
  2. Your Mission – your inspiring plan of action
  3. Your Vision – how things will change
  4. Their Role – How they can make a difference

The more effectively you communicate these Four Fundamentals, the more your donors will engage

Fundraising is imperative for a non-profit’s survival – but effective fundraising is critical for growth and profitability! 

There are many ways to raise money, but the key is to utilize proven fundraising principles that minimizes your risk of losing money, engages your donor base, and converts them into “raving fans and supporters” for what your organization is doing. Successful fundraising is not about just getting that one gift from a donor, but converting the donor into an ongoing relationship with the organization.

Fundraising is similar to the fine art of dating.  Yes, that’s right — dating! 

A few years ago,

It was just a few years ago when words “convergence” and “integration” emerged onto the scene. Until that time in the non-profit world, Media, Donor Development, Public Relations, and Creative were each unique disciplines that operated independently of one another.

Because agencies typically specialized in a single discipline, it would not be unusual for a single organization to have a media production company, a fundraising agency, a creative agency and a public relations firm. In fact, this model often remains the case today – but the world is changing. Read on…

With the advent of the Internet and Digital technology,