An Experience Gap is the distance between what donors expect from your organization and what donors actually experience.  The challenge faced by any non profit, ministry, church, or other organizations involved in fundraising is connecting with their donor’s hearts and expectations.

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Making Better Media Decisions

Media has become a critical tool for ministry in today’s culture. Whether you are utilizing traditional media like television, radio, or print; or more interactive media like web, email, social media, streaming video; it is important to choose the right media based on your objectives, and it is important to have a clear and well defined strategy driving those objectives….


In recent issues of Jump Start, we have been targeting some critical investment areas your organization should focus on when evaluating the clarity of your brand message. Today let’s do a “deeper dive” in the area of fundraising.

Many people think successful fundraising is as simple as finding some secret formula. If that were true, everyone who followed the template would have the same generous response.

However, developing a strong donor base is often more about “friend-raising” than fundraising. It’s about finding faithful, generous partners who are committed to your compelling vision. The cultivation of such partnerships is the key