Social media has a stigma of not being very measurable.  But when it comes to Facebook advertising, there are tools in place that can very effectively measure ROI. So much so, that Facebook’s analytics can become your most important indicator of success and favorite tools for planning.  And when it comes to lead acquisition, I often find Facebook ads are at the front of the pack.

The Lead Generation Formula

The methodology is straight forward, you run ads on Facebook that drive users to your landing page where an offer motivates them to join your email or direct mail list. 

6 Tips for Mobile Lead Generation

The collision of lead generation and the mobile revolution is a combustible combination of necessity and inevitability: 40% to 70% of publisher traffic occurs on a mobile device, more than half of all emails are opened on a mobile device…But lead-gen must roll on. So, unless you exclude all non-desktop impressions from your advertising, more than half of your traffic will originate via mobile devices. What are some of the keys to producing that lead flow, even as devices, chubby thumbs and consumer indifference make the classic acquisition model more complicated?

One. Think Mobile-First, and Mobile-Only.

Don’t just weigh