3 Strategies for 3D Lead Nurturing

Turning a new email address into a brand advocate, donor, or customer requires more than just a few well-crafted emails.  That is a one dimensional approach. It takes connecting with people and opening up at least three relationship pathways, or different communications channels that people can be engaged through. A little while back I wrote a post titled Is Your Lead Nurturing 3 Dimensional?  It provides some background on this subject. 

It is not that difficult to create a three dimensional nurturing campaign, but very few organizations ever consider it.  Here are three strategies for effective 3D Lead Nurturing:

Is Your Lead Nurturing 3 Dimensional?

When most people think of lead nurturing they think of an automated email series sent to every new email address.  And while that is a good tactic, it is a one dimensional way of approaching nurturing.  Real nurturing involves building interest, awareness, and relationship, and to do that to the fullest we need to think beyond a handful of canned emails.  We have to involve other dimensions of nurturing.

The One Dimensional Myth

The basic approach for most nurturing campaigns is provide prospects with a reason to give you their email address.  This could be by offering a newsletter,