Anyone who knows me well, knows of my deep and abiding love for — and commitment to — Israel. I have traveled to the Land of the Bible more than 20 times and never grow tired of visiting the biblical sites I have read about since my youth. Over the years, I have also developed many strong relationships in Israel and consider my Israeli acquaintances to be good and true friends. 

When the American Christian Leaders For Israel, an extension of the US Branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, asked Christian leaders to sign a letter to the presidential

Expectation of Excellence

The other day I was talking with a client about what information needed to go on their website.  When a potentially thorny issue was being discussed for inclusion on the site, I thought of the following true story.

There was a car wash in Decatur, Ill., where I used to live. When it first opened it was very popular. One day someone claimed their car was scratched by the brushes; in response the owner put up a sign: “Not responsible for scratches to your vehicle.” Soon someone claimed that the brushes bent their antenna; the owner put up another sign

Are You Prepared to be a Thought Leader?

We all have something to say. Whether we enjoy verbalizing it or not, we all have an opinion. Expressing those opinions can not only be valuable to you, but to your entire organization.

Thought leadership is a fancy term for just that — expressing your opinion and stating your expertise.  You may feel vulnerable at first by conveying your thoughts to the public, but it is something well worth the risk!

So, how do you begin to express yourself through thought leadership? There are many different ways you can be successful but you must find what works for you. If

Before I get into the importance of creativity within an organization, let’s first destroy the overly abused and highly detrimental thought process of “I wasn’t born creative”, “I’m not a visionary”, “we have a creative department for that”… you get the point.

First and foremost, creativity is what cultivates innovation, which ultimately leads to an organization’s success.

The words creative and artistic are often intertwined and replaced with one another in inappropriate situations. Creativity is not being able to paint a beautiful picture- creativity is being able to think of a better solution.

“The heart and soul of a company

The Region’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies

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Export, Pa. (August 25, 2015) — Infinity Concepts has been named as one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the Pittsburgh region by the Pittsburgh Business Times.

Infinity Concepts is a faith-based advertising agency located just east of Pittsburgh specializing in direct response marketing.

“The Pittsburgh region is one of the fastest growing regions in the nation and we’re proud that Infinity Concepts is instrumental in contributing to that growth,” said Infinity Concepts Director of Client