Have you ever been accused of “selective hearing” … you know the process that happens when you don’t want to hear something. To some degree, selective hearing is real. There are actually five different ways we listen. Here are the five listening styles.

1.  Appreciative listening. Listening for enjoyment … perhaps at a concert or a play or even church on Sunday morning. When you practice appreciative listening, you simply sit back and absorb. You appreciate what’s happening around you. You are not analyzing; you are not

Do Your Donors Know Your Vision?

I have a question for you. What is your organization’s vision? What is it that you are trying to accomplish? What is the future goal that you want to attain? That vision — the picture of a different future — is what donors are attracted to.

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Creativity… we long for it — we love it — we pay for it. Yet this coveted commodity is readily available within us. Many simply do not know how to leave the world of the mundane and predictable and enter into the world where anything is possible. So to help you explore new places in your next creative or brainstorming meeting, here are some principles to guide your way

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What is success? How is it measured? How do you know when you actually achieve it?

Is success the end of something, like crossing the finish line? Or is it the quality of that ending, as in finishing first? So much emphasis is placed on success in our society that the difference between running the race and running the race well is often confused.

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