There is a lot of focus on reaching your audience these days, which is important.  But the nature of your audience defines the way you communicate with them.  If your organization has an established audience then you need to get to know them.  If you are creating a new audience then they need to get to know you. If you are leading your audience, then you have captured their hearts.

Building Your Audience

Whether you are launching a new organization or introducing a new product or service, you engage in audience building at some level. The goal here is essentially

Ever notice how you may see a post, but other mutual friends did not? Timing of the post is not everything, there is a particular algorithm that Facebook uses that determines what’s in your newsfeed—and that’s called EdgeRank. All posts, pictures, shares, comments—everything you see on Facebook is dictated by this formula and is unique to each user. There are three dimensions to EdgeRank that all work simultaneously:

  • The first part of the algorithm gauges your “score” with a person to determine if you see their post or not, which is found from the number of “edges” you have

It is easy to think that “a photo is a photo” and people’s reaction to that photo is the same regardless of where they see it.  But truth be told, much of the time people consume content differently on mobile.  Images, text, video, all of it is seen through different eyes and with different priorities on a smart phone. To be truly effective, we need to consider what makes a message more effective on mobile vs. desktop, and adjust accordingly. 

The “Mobile” Mind

The way people process information changes based on device.  People process information faster on mobile.  They take

Instagram took the social media world by storm when it introduced its image-centered platform. Now that it has been acquired by Facebook, it comes as no surprise that it is starting to follow in the footsteps of its new owner.

If you have noticed recently, your Instagram feed has started to look a lot different and the people you normally follow are now asking you to click on the three dots next to their post to ensure they show up on your feed.  Remember EdgeRank? Yes, Instagram took a page from Facebook and developed a new algorithm that determines the

At the beginning of every website project there are two big questions you will soon be faced with: “What content should be included?” and “How should it be organized?” Here are some ideas to get you started in finding answers!

Set Goals

If you have not already defined goals for the project, begin by asking questions. Then ask some more. The answers will provide focus for the content.

  1. Who should the website reach? Current customers? Prospects? The media?
  2. What response are you looking for? A purchase? A donation? Contacting your organization?
  3. How should the visitor feel while on