Facebook has recently taken steps to try and centralize customer service and brand-to-consumer conversation worldwide. Of course they are not calling it that, but it seems pretty obvious.

Subtle Changes, Big Implications

Facebook is endowing business pages, of which there are now more than 50 MILLION, with advanced messaging and chat functionality to channel and respond to inbound inquiries. Pages are now displaying responsiveness badges for the speed which they reply to private messages. And only pages that respond to 90% of inquiries within 5 minutes earn the top “Very Responsive” badge.

They are also letting page admins put up

Is a Website Ever Finished?

All too often a website is viewed as a project with a set end date. Once the website is launched, and some follow up support completed, the project is done. In today’s world this should not be.

Why does this happen?

Many agencies began with print and later expanded to web design. In print, the project was done when it went to the printer… no more changes could be made.

Secondly, it is often assumed that a website is a standalone marketing piece.

Thirdly, the best ideas are often discovered during the process of building the website. Because of this,

It Is Easy to Miss…

During the past twenty-two years, I have been privileged to visit the Holy Land twenty times. Each time I travel to the “Land of the Book” I am personally inspired and enlightened by the reality of scripture, as well as the cultural and historical context from which our faith was birthed.

During many of those Holy Land trips I have visited the grotto in Bethlehem where tradition tells us that Jesus was born. The location is a natural cave in the mountainside where the Bethlehem residents used to keep animals. This cave has been associated with the birth of Jesus

Leverage Your Landing Page

Is your landing page lacking? The landing page is often the most overlooked component in a conversion campaign. In many cases, marketers become easily consumed in attempting to craft the perfect ad copy, only to see less than exciting results. A compelling ad can get a reader to the door, but you need a strong landing page to get them to walk through it!

Here are some best practices of successful landing pages:

Head-turning Headline

This is the most important element to your landing page! I repeat, the most important element to your landing page. Your headline can make or

Are You Prepared to be a Thought Leader?

We all have something to say. Whether we enjoy verbalizing it or not, we all have an opinion. Expressing those opinions can not only be valuable to you, but to your entire organization.

Thought leadership is a fancy term for just that — expressing your opinion and stating your expertise.  You may feel vulnerable at first by conveying your thoughts to the public, but it is something well worth the risk!

So, how do you begin to express yourself through thought leadership? There are many different ways you can be successful but you must find what works for you. If