5 Secrets of Successful Project Management

The ultimate goal of project management is to be able to deliver projects on time and on budget. Without proper planning and strategy, you can easily jeopardize your projects and cause damage to all key stakeholders. Feeling the pressure? Here are five secrets for staying on top of it all:

Secret #1. Get to know your project.  It’s all about the details.

Before you begin your project, you need to know as many details as possible, such as deadline, budget, and scope of work. Make sure you have a full understanding of the project’s foundation, expectations, and the role all

7 Steps to Jumpstart your Holiday Campaign

Beaches, bike rides, and backyard barbeques. Summer is upon us and it is glorious, especially after such a harsh winter. The last thing on our minds is the holidays, however they are right around the corner.



Many of us said it last year, “I’m going to plan better for my 2014 holiday campaign.” Now is the time. Four and five months fly by fast. Here are the seven steps that will make for a well-planned holiday campaign.

1) Meet with your planning committee in July. Decide on this

Mobile Donations—Urgency and Context Rule

Many non-profit organizations struggle with using mobile technology for capturing and/or increasing donations. And while mobile devices provide the opportunity for donors to give anywhere, anytime or anyplace, mobile giving should always be used as a tactic rather than a strategy.

The Facts

First, let’s look at some data. According to a recent PEW Research study, 58% of Americans own a smart phone and 42% own a tablet. 63% of those are using their phone as their primary tool to go online. Additionally, a 2013 Digby study found that smart phone users average 127 minutes per day with mobile apps.

3 Secrets to Writing a Killer Blog Post

More than one million blog posts have already been written today. Let that sink in.

In such a glut of self-published articles floating through cyber space, what is the trick to standing out and successfully capturing your audience’s attention?

Many variables can impact the likelihood of your blog attracting attention, but today I will only share three of them.

Without further delay, here are three secrets to writing a killer blog post.

1) Reel Them in With an Irresistible Headline

A coworker recently emailed me a list of words proven to pique the interest of readers when used in a

Kissing Cousins: Marketing and Public Relations

Marketing and Public Relations (PR) are the same, right? Nope. They are in the same family, but they’re not the same thing. They both work very well together, but if you’re looking to implement a communications plan, they work very differently. Let’s take a closer look.

Marketing is the business of promoting and selling your organization’s products or services. When you market your product, you’ll do market research to see what the consumer wants and needs, and as a result, you advertise to your audience. Marketing is truly a mixed bag of communications tools used to sell your product.