3 Aspects of a Responsive Website

As we consider the move from desktop / laptop devices to tablets, phones, watches, and glasses, the term “responsive” arises more and more often in web design conversations. So what makes a site design ‘responsive’?

Responsive design originally referred to websites scaling to fit multiple sized screens. However, its meaning has expanded in recent years, and now a better description may be “Websites built to provide an experience that is optimized for each device used to access it.” While this does include scaling to fit the size of the screen, there are a few other key factors to consider, as

8 Digital Marketing Ideas for 2015

The holidays are nearly upon us, and soon the fallen leaves and jingling bells will be followed by another sign of year’s end: Marketing articles for 2015. Since “Get Ready for Next Year” season now runs from September thru February, and “What We’re Doing Wrong” is a year-round obsession, allow me to indulge in some pre-holiday joy-spreading with a list of elements to keep in mind as you make your digital marketing plans for 2015.



You may already be in the front seat on this bandwagon, but it promises to get bigger and better. According to the IAB,

Programmatic Marketing is a big buzz word these days, and while it does have some legitimate mystique, it is certainly not magic. One of the most important things programmatic brings to the table that almost anyone can take advantage of — is the ability to reach very specific audiences.  Rather than shower you with technobabble, I want to provide some crisp useful insights.

What Is Programmatic?

In layman’s terms, this approach enables you to display digital ads directly to users, wherever they may be.  Historically, you would place advertising on a particular website and people who use that site would

We are a mere 10 weeks away from the start of a new year, and the upcoming holidays are the best time to reach out to donors. Did you know that up to 60 percent of all charitable donations are raised during this season? Here are 10 things you can do to make sure your organization doesn’t fall short in the last 10 weeks of the year:

1. Get Board Members on Board

Board members are your secret weapon for soliciting major gifts. Identify your top 20 donors likely to give $1000 or more, and assign a board member to


Defining your brand is a critical first step for any successful fundraising effort. It can be a tough process — but it will make all the difference: Donors increasingly think of their giving as investments, and they choose to invest with organizations with which they have a valued connection. Without a strong, clear brand identity, potential donors won’t be able to determine if their values and your mission are the same.

Here are some important things to remember when embarking on the process of defining your brand.

1) Understand your Purpose
Don’t confuse branding with identity. Brand comes