Are You Crippling Your Content?

Have you ever written what you thought would be a grand slam only to find your results struck out? Fear not. You are not alone! Over 50% of marketers reported difficulty composing effective content this year.

You’ve thoroughly researched your target audience and their behaviors. You wrote content that specifically addressed their preferences. So what went wrong? Here are some common overlooked mistakes that might be crippling your content.

Lengthy Copy

You may have a powerful message, but if it is buried under paragraphs of text, how will your audience ever know what you are trying to convey? As the

The textbooks remind us that communication does not occur until someone understands. This all important point can be overshadowed by technical advancements and “best practices” in website design. Whether it is responsive design, adaptive, flat, desktop focused, the most important thing is communicating clearly. Here are 5 tips that will help you do just that and fundamentally improve your website.

1) Think Past the Design
Your ultimate goal is not a beautiful website. What you really want is to motivate action, change perception, educate, or in some way make an impression on people. Stop trying to picture what the

Coffee. Java. Joe. Go Juice. Jet Fuel.

Tuesday, September 29, was National Coffee Day. Our president, Mark, often talks about how a brand is like a cup of coffee. However, today I want to consider how coffee can improve your direct mail program as it relates to fundraising. Let us take a look at three components of a great direct mail program and how they correlate with characteristics of coffee.


Have you ever gone to get a cup of coffee from a coffee pot… only to realize that the pot has been on for… well, let’s just say

Before I get into the importance of creativity within an organization, let’s first destroy the overly abused and highly detrimental thought process of “I wasn’t born creative”, “I’m not a visionary”, “we have a creative department for that”… you get the point.

First and foremost, creativity is what cultivates innovation, which ultimately leads to an organization’s success.

The words creative and artistic are often intertwined and replaced with one another in inappropriate situations. Creativity is not being able to paint a beautiful picture- creativity is being able to think of a better solution.

“The heart and soul of a company

Every year, 30 million people will play fantasy football. It has grown into a billion dollar industry spawning television shows, literature, and honest to goodness academic research. ESPN, for example, employs MBA graduates to run regression analysis to observe trends and establish statistic projections for players.

Can you think of another industry that puts so much thought, planning and analysis into their strategy?


The world of online marketing is evolving just as fast as fantasy football, and the similarities between the two are not limited to the types of people they depend on:

Set your strategy like a lineup