As the presidential election came to a close we found that some of us were either ecstatic, angry, fearful, relieved, confused, or a combination of all of them with some extra emotions trickled on. I get that!

Being one of the millennials in the office, I watched my social media feeds like a hawk to see what other people were saying, who they were voting for, the whole nine yards. During my regular scans for updates, my gears started to turn a little and an interesting thought begged a question in my mind. During the presidency of Barack Obama, there

In my youth, I was convinced I would be the next Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I was an avowed Sherlock Holmes enthusiast, and like any devoted follower, there is the inherent desire to perpetuate the life of a beloved character. Hence, the development of fan fiction.

I joined a Holmes fan society, named “The Baker Street Irregulars” (a reference to a cabal of street-smart youths who were Holmes’ eyes and ears), and shared my first finished piece of fan fiction, which I was convinced would play on the hearts and minds of the harshest critics and devotees to the canon

What I am about to tell you is not found in any textbook and is not openly discussed among many of the social media elite.  It is a lesson learned from experience and honest observation.  The lesson is that every social media platform, particularly Facebook, has a point of critical mass that you must reach to be effective.  This critical mass is a function of size and engagement.

Defining Critical Mass

Everyone’s first question is “how many fans do I need to reach critical mass?” The answer is simple yet un-gratifying: it varies.  I have seen critical mass occur at

3 Strategies for 3D Lead Nurturing

Turning a new email address into a brand advocate, donor, or customer requires more than just a few well-crafted emails.  That is a one dimensional approach. It takes connecting with people and opening up at least three relationship pathways, or different communications channels that people can be engaged through. A little while back I wrote a post titled Is Your Lead Nurturing 3 Dimensional?  It provides some background on this subject. 

It is not that difficult to create a three dimensional nurturing campaign, but very few organizations ever consider it.  Here are three strategies for effective 3D Lead Nurturing:

Starting a Media Ministry: Count the Cost

“Go and Preach the Gospel to all nations.” So says the Gospels, but when you’re in ministry, how do you apply that to the particular work that God has assigned you?

When a ministry is considering entering into the arena of media, there are so many questions that need to be answered before you begin that first broadcast “to the world.”

One of the first things you need to consider is who you are going to preach to. When it says, “preach to all nations” or “to all the world,” is your message really for “everybody?” There are many who are