Instagram took the social media world by storm when it introduced its image-centered platform. Now that it has been acquired by Facebook, it comes as no surprise that it is starting to follow in the footsteps of its new owner.

If you have noticed recently, your Instagram feed has started to look a lot different and the people you normally follow are now asking you to click on the three dots next to their post to ensure they show up on your feed.  Remember EdgeRank? Yes, Instagram took a page from Facebook and developed a new algorithm that determines the

At the beginning of every website project there are two big questions you will soon be faced with: “What content should be included?” and “How should it be organized?” Here are some ideas to get you started in finding answers!

Set Goals

If you have not already defined goals for the project, begin by asking questions. Then ask some more. The answers will provide focus for the content.

  1. Who should the website reach? Current customers? Prospects? The media?
  2. What response are you looking for? A purchase? A donation? Contacting your organization?
  3. How should the visitor feel while on

Expectation of Excellence

The other day I was talking with a client about what information needed to go on their website.  When a potentially thorny issue was being discussed for inclusion on the site, I thought of the following true story.

There was a car wash in Decatur, Ill., where I used to live. When it first opened it was very popular. One day someone claimed their car was scratched by the brushes; in response the owner put up a sign: “Not responsible for scratches to your vehicle.” Soon someone claimed that the brushes bent their antenna; the owner put up another sign

Tailoring your Clients’ Blog

As you all know, content has become increasingly important over the years, leaving clients in need of relevant and top-notch copy. With anyone able to add content online with one click, the challenge for quality content to stand apart is greatly heightened. One way to add valuable content to your clients’ site is through adding a blog. Here are a few ways to ensure your clients’ blog content is better than their competitors:

  • Find a niche: There is nothing worse than reading a blog with the same boring content as the last blog you’ve read.  Produce something unique that

What Image Is Your Brand Reflecting?

Does your marketing reflect today’s social landscape? Cheerios made a major statement when they featured a mixed family to promote their famous cereal. Shortly after, large brands like Coca-Cola and General Motors have hopped on the diversity marketing train.

So why should marketers take diversity into consideration when constructing their targeting strategies? According to the U.S. Census, more than half of the American population is expected to be comprised of minority groups by the year 2042. 

Today’s American family looks significantly different than it used to years ago. In fact, two out of five households now no longer identify by