What Statement are You Making with Color?

Spring is here! Soon trees will be blossoming and our flowerbeds will be as colorful as the rainbow. After a long cold winter the bright colors renew our spirits with energy and excitement. And much like spring, the color scheme of your organization will set a tone with your audience.

When we think of our favorite spots in our homes, we may feel a sense of comfort and warmth or maybe energy and brightness. My favorite spot is in the basement, a little nook in the corner, filled with brushes, acrylic paints and a variety of pencils.

Just as many

A Day in the Life…

One thing you can say about life at an ad agency is that no two days are ever the same. Some days are filled with crazy deadlines that must be met, with people running in all directions; others are quiet, productive “thinking” days. Whatever the day brings, we at Infinity Concepts enjoy the collaboration and teamwork it takes to accomplish our goals.

If I could describe a “typical” day at Infinity Concepts, it might begin with Maggie, the Marketing Wonder Dog, dashing through the front door, eagerly greeting staff at their desks and always looking for

There are two things I ask people who want to use social media effectively.  What are your objectives? And, what is your budget?  Everything after that involves trying to make those ends meet. However, sometimes there are objectives and there is no budget.  You have probably encountered a similar predicament at some point.  The good news is that there are still a few things that a resourceful social media marketer can leverage.

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The Impending Tsunami of the Millennials

What role will you play in this next decade as we begin the changing of the guard, as Millennials take over the workplace? Analyses and statistical reports are pouring out of everywhere to draw our attention to the fact that the era of the Baby Boomers will be shortly drawing to a close and the Millennials, the group of individuals born between 1983 -2001, are soon to dominate businesses world-wide. Read more

The Fork in the Road

I recently read a posting in the Monday Morning Memo by Roy H. Williams that I thought was outstanding. In the article Roy discussed the difference between “BRAND-BUILDING” and “DIRECT-RESPONSE” advertising strategies. His explanation is completely in line with what I have been telling our clients for years. I am including a significant portion of his article for you to read (I have added the text effects). The implications for your business or ministry are significant. Here’s Roy…

Everyone has a business plan. Almost no one has an advertising plan. And we are coming to