Digital Advertising Success = Data + Intuition

We live in a world of big data, full of constantly updated information, more than we could hope to digest.  In the digital media arena, everything is tied to data.  While we certainly cannot function without analytics, there is more to making decisions. Marketing intuition is just as important today as ever.

The Nature of Intuition

In its simplest sense, intuition is a perception obtained independently of any reasoning process. Which basically means it is a hunch that you have which did not come from the data.  Some people have natural intuition in certain areas, but my observation has been

Defining Your Brand Essence

How exactly do you define your brand? Many think that a brand is a name, a logo, or maybe even a reference to the services an organization provides. However, at the core of the definition, the term “brand” is much more. It is a promise, comprised of all of the various touchpoints of an organization… the sum of all of the experiences by your constituency.  

So yes, your name and logo are a contributing factor to your brand, but also the message your group conveys, the promise it delivers to its constituents, and the essence of the members of the

These days, it seems the number of social media platforms are endless! Seeking professional relationships, there’s an app for that. Enjoy sharing videos, there’s an app for that too! Have a passion for sharing recipes, yes you guessed it, there is an app for that also. 

Don’t drown in the vast sea of social media apps! Here is how to effectively select the right social platform to effectively leverage your business.

Define Your Target Audience

This step will be the easiest of the three steps because your social media audience will be the exact same as the audience you target

Tips to Stay Current in Social Media

You finally have the hang of the newest social media site, then BOOM! In the blink of a Snapchat, something changes. Can you relate? Welcome to the ever changing world of social media! With the internet booming and social media bec

oming the No. 1 advertising source for all types of businesses it is important to know what’s out there. Not only is social media an inexpensive way to get your word out, it is effective (if you know what you are doing).

Feeling like you can’t keep up? Here are some tips:

  1. Follow the social media guru: Do

There is a lot of focus on reaching your audience these days, which is important.  But the nature of your audience defines the way you communicate with them.  If your organization has an established audience then you need to get to know them.  If you are creating a new audience then they need to get to know you. If you are leading your audience, then you have captured their hearts.

Building Your Audience

Whether you are launching a new organization or introducing a new product or service, you engage in audience building at some level. The goal here is essentially