Lights, Camera, Action! Lawsuit?

You and your advertising agency have worked hard. You’ve spent a month coming up with creative ideas to help your organization bring awareness to your cause and get your message out to the masses.

After all parties have weighed in on the mission and message, your campaign gets the “green light” for production. Your campaign includes stunning photography taken in the most picturesque location showcasing the beautiful landscape critical to your messaging.

You set up the perfect shot filled with smiling faces, the lighting in the viewfinder looks like it was custom made for this moment, you take the picture. 

Facebook can be a tough proving ground, no doubt about it.  And it is easy to see success, just log on and look at your news feed. What you see are the posts which have been successful.  But for every post that you see and every page that shows up in your news feed, there are countless others who did not make it. Their posts lost the competition for space in your feed, mostly because they did not win the popularity vote needed by your fans to earn the right to be seen.

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Are You Able To Unplug?

This year on March 7 we celebrated National Day of Unplugging. I only heard about it that day, so I was not able to participate this year. But next year, I will take the challenge!

Each year, on the first Friday in March, we are asked to turn off all electronic devices for a 24-hour period, beginning sundown on Friday and ending at sundown on Saturday. No cell phones, no tablets, no TV or radio, no email, no tweets, no Facebook time, nothing electronic. People are encouraged instead to go for a walk, talk to a friend (in person), or

What Statement are You Making with Color?

Spring is here! Soon trees will be blossoming and our flowerbeds will be as colorful as the rainbow. After a long cold winter the bright colors renew our spirits with energy and excitement. And much like spring, the color scheme of your organization will set a tone with your audience.

When we think of our favorite spots in our homes, we may feel a sense of comfort and warmth or maybe energy and brightness. My favorite spot is in the basement, a little nook in the corner, filled with brushes, acrylic paints and a variety of pencils.

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A Day in the Life…

One thing you can say about life at an ad agency is that no two days are ever the same. Some days are filled with crazy deadlines that must be met, with people running in all directions; others are quiet, productive “thinking” days. Whatever the day brings, we at Infinity Concepts enjoy the collaboration and teamwork it takes to accomplish our goals.

If I could describe a “typical” day at Infinity Concepts, it might begin with Maggie, the Marketing Wonder Dog, dashing through the front door, eagerly greeting staff at their desks and always looking for