Stop Being the World’s Best-Kept Secret

How many times have you heard people connected to your organization say, “We do so many great things but so few people know about us.”? As a leader, that is a big red flag to you and a major call to action.

The heart of many non-profits beats for service. Programs and ministries are geared around meeting needs and taking care of others. Your organization naturally attracts staff and volunteers aligned with your mission and most are aligned toward action, not promotion.

Yet in the hubbub of the doing and the serving, who are your cheerleaders? What good is it

Christian Digital Media in 2014

2014 is upon us. While we haven’t adjusted to writing this year’s date, we in marketing and media are well accustomed to at least one promise of 2014: Change.

In recent weeks, news sources and trade publications have been choc-full of articles about the digital trends to watch, changes in the online/mobile marketing and media landscape, and related boom-or-gloom technology predictions. We at Infinity Concepts thought it might be a good idea to hear from the companies laboring alongside us on behalf of religious non-profits: What do the folks running Christian

Strategic Start to 2014

The beginning of every year is a time of personal reflection and resolution. Are you doing the same for your organization or ministry? Here are a few thoughts to consider as you begin the New Year. By considering these items now, you can have your best year ever in 2014!

  • Break your 2014 revenue forecast down into quarterly and monthly goals. 
  • Review your monthly and quarterly goals regularly. 
  • What you will do to improve your fundraising knowledge in 2014?
  • What can you do to improve your organization’s fundraising program?
  • What new fundraising channels will you use in 2014?

When you search for something on Google, do you care how well optimized each website in the search results is?  Probably not, you only really care about finding what you are looking for. But a lot of the SEO work being done these days centers around doing everything possible to appeal to Google so they can get into the search results. And sure, you do need to be in the search results, but you also need to communicate to people that you are what they are looking for

Click Me! Click Me!

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