7 Tips To Improve Your Cost Per Conversion

For almost everyone online, in just about every field, everything hinges on conversions. A conversion simply means that someone did something that you marked as a key objective.  They may have converted from being a watcher to a customer, or from a prospect to a donor.  Maybe they converted from an anonymous website visitor to become a lead with an email address.  Whatever the criteria, everyone depends on conversions.

Whether it is direct or not, we all spend to get conversions.  Maybe we spend marketing dollars or time, perhaps we spend credibility and social capital.  Whatever the currency, if you

A lot of people want to use Facebook to generate sales, donations, and new business.  While Facebook can work marvelously to accomplish these objectives, it is rarely a direct transaction.  In order to leverage the promotional power of Facebook, you need to adapt your promotion and probably your sales process.

Why Are They There?

People do not visit Facebook with the intent of conducting a transaction, their purpose is very different.  Just as people who are in a social or entertainment kind of mindset are not quick to consider buying things.

The Actions People Want To Take

The fastest way

Many organizations fail to utilize their best marketing tool- their clients. If your clients are pleased with the work you have done for them, they will be happy to give you a shining testimonial. However, like most everything in marketing, that content will only be a positive influence on your organization if it is put in the right place in front of the right people.

Here are 3 tips to turn testimonials into business development tools.

1. Place Your Testimonials Strategically

Having a specific testimonial page on your website is not necessarily

Copywriting That Compels and Converts

What is copywriting and why is it essential? Copywriting is the art and science of writing direct-response copy that sells a product or service by convincing prospective consumers to take some form of action. In today’s increasingly digital world, it is critical for online marketing success. Unfortunately, poor and inefficient copywriting can be the underlying downfall of even the best email campaigns, web pages, and blogs.

Whether you are a business owner, marketer, blogger or anyone else who seeks to convert your readers into consumers, this article is for you. Here is how to maximize the effectiveness of your copywriting.

The Power Of Color

Close your eyes… then open them. What do you see?

There have been extensive studies done on the imaging of the human brain and its senses.

Let’s break it down into three simple, yet powerful steps.

Shape. Design. Color.

Our brains process a lot of information in micro seconds, but the first thing that will register is the shape of something, then the design details, at last you notice its color.

Color can be THE determining factor in many design choices, big budget advertising campaigns, and yearly fashion trends. There are actually color specialists out there to tell you which