Put Your Tools to Good Use

So your company or ministry or ferret club has decided you need to market yourself better?

Chances are you went on your way creating: a website (check!), a facebook page (check!), maybe a brochure or postcard (check-check!)… because those are the things you need. Right? Not exactly

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Pull Don’t Push

Draw your audience in…
Instead of pushing your message out

From the beginning of mass communications as a discipline, the model has looked something like this:

This is the foundation of modern marketing, albeit with another arrow that has profit written on it.

So what’s wrong with that?  Well, nothing.  Except that the receiver constantly has arrows flying at them from every direction

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Capturing the Synergy

Making SMO (Social Media Optimization) and
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Work For You.

There is no shortage of voices telling you how to use social media to do things great or small. Truthfully, most of them know very little more than you do. Today, what I want to do is discuss some very specific mechanics involved in using these tools to generate positive results for your business, or organization

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