Capturing the Synergy

Making SMO (Social Media Optimization) and
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Work For You.

There is no shortage of voices telling you how to use social media to do things great or small. Truthfully, most of them know very little more than you do. Today, what I want to do is discuss some very specific mechanics involved in using these tools to generate positive results for your business, or organization

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Sales via Social Media?

Social Media (Facebook/Twitter, etc.) has exploded and is changing the way we (insert just about anything you can think of here).

The question is, will “traditional marketing methods” used for generations on TV and radio translate directly to social networks?

Case Study

Pozen is a small, unconventional drug developer with just 2 products approved and one on the way.  According to Jason Chew, they are…

…eschewing a sales force for its planned launch of PA32540; instead, it has decided to go virtual. Led by Liz Cermak, executive vice president and chief commercial officer, the company plans to focus its