5 Things Mobile Users Always Want

When it comes to creating a good mobile experience the best thing you can do is think like a user and give them what they want.  Sometimes what users value is unique to your organization and what you offer, but there are a few common threads. Here are five things that mobile users always want.

1.     Speed – Lighting fast loading and browsing ability

Anything less than instantaneous is too slow and every additional millisecond it takes to load wears on user’s               patience and willingness to stick around.  Optimize everything you can, your

It is easy to think that “a photo is a photo” and people’s reaction to that photo is the same regardless of where they see it.  But truth be told, much of the time people consume content differently on mobile.  Images, text, video, all of it is seen through different eyes and with different priorities on a smart phone. To be truly effective, we need to consider what makes a message more effective on mobile vs. desktop, and adjust accordingly. 

The “Mobile” Mind

The way people process information changes based on device.  People process information faster on mobile.  They take

The textbooks remind us that communication does not occur until someone understands. This all important point can be overshadowed by technical advancements and “best practices” in website design. Whether it is responsive design, adaptive, flat, desktop focused, the most important thing is communicating clearly. Here are 5 tips that will help you do just that and fundamentally improve your website.

1) Think Past the Design
Your ultimate goal is not a beautiful website. What you really want is to motivate action, change perception, educate, or in some way make an impression on people. Stop trying to picture what the

Staying ahead of the game and displaying an innate awareness of the ever-evolving technological landscape allows marketing professionals to flourish and boost their clients’ brands.  But, like anything else, getting a solid grasp on which technologies can actually help your marketing efforts can become tedious.  Of course, you already know social media is a tremendous technological and sociological advance that can be used for a plethora of marketing purposes, but what other attributes can help play a part in your overall success?

1. Content is King

The advances to the technological landscape, perhaps more than anything, have made establishing a

5 Tips For Online Success

Your brand has a lot to say but if you aren’t visible do you really exist? More than ever a strong online presence is vital, not just to future growth but to current survival.

My dad and I were leaving a grocery store while on vacation a few weeks ago and he said to me laughing as we rushed out the doors: “if I had this experience every time I went shopping, I might enjoy it a lot more.” Now, my dad and I have an amazing relationship and love to spend time together, but it had nothing to do