A Tool Belt for Your Website

Every craftsman has certain tools used for creating products or performing a service. A musician has a guitar, a farmer uses a tractor, a doctor listens to their stethoscope, and so on. 

Those of us creating and working on websites also have a set of tools. Let’s look at a few…


1. Testing Screen Sizes

Visitors are viewing your website on a wide variety of screen sizes. A quick snapshot of our website shows over 700 different screen resolutions for our visitors over the last year! It is extremely important that your website displays correctly for each visitor regardless of their screen

6 Tips for Mobile Lead Generation

The collision of lead generation and the mobile revolution is a combustible combination of necessity and inevitability: 40% to 70% of publisher traffic occurs on a mobile device, more than half of all emails are opened on a mobile device…But lead-gen must roll on. So, unless you exclude all non-desktop impressions from your advertising, more than half of your traffic will originate via mobile devices. What are some of the keys to producing that lead flow, even as devices, chubby thumbs and consumer indifference make the classic acquisition model more complicated?

One. Think Mobile-First, and Mobile-Only.

Don’t just weigh