Should Christians In Business Hide Their Light?

“…let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Matt 5:16

While many businesses are run by believers who intentionally incorporate biblical principles into their corporate philosophy, some may avoid “wearing their heart on their sleeve” for fear of

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A Social App for Real-Life Sociability

For as long as social media has existed, it’s been questioned whether or not these platforms are actually making us more social or less? We live in the world of the hermit-nouveau… we have the option to live in total isolation, yet in the midst of society and with claims to hundreds of friends. Everything can be bought online or through self-checkout, you can work for home, and reasonably get through your day without any form of human contact. You can even do church on your own… download your favorite praise music, listen to podcasted

A Light in The Darkness on 9/11

The Day That Changed Christian Broadcasting

It was a day that changed a nation. Fear was the first reaction for many to the devastating attacks in New York and Washington DC. But as our nation caught its breath, fear gave way to resolve, determination, and faith.

We all remember where we were, what we felt, and how the events of that morning left an impact on every area of our lives. But as the tenth anniversary of September 11th approaches, it is important that we reflect not only on the horrors of the day and the events that followed, but

Infinity Concepts Announces Bible Islands

Bible Islands is a safe and protected online virtual world for kids. It is an ever expanding and developing series of games, adventures, and learning experiences that allows kids to interact with Bible stories, values, and characters. It’s more than a game. Bible Islands is a fun and exciting educational experience that allows children to play, explore, and receive cross-curricular education in areas such as reading, math, science, creativity, linguistics, and even Hebrew letters games – all from a Christian perspective.