Are You Thoughtful?

I would like a quick show of hands (okay, not really)… How many times has someone told you (or you have told someone else) “I need a press release!”? And, that marks the extent of the solution to your public relations challenges. 

Unfortunately, a true strategy is often overlooked by marketers because PR appears complicated, not easily quantifiable and honestly, can be quite varied from one organization to another. All of the listed reasons are why a solid, personalized strategy is necessary.

There are many simple questions to ask yourself when developing your strategy. Be sure to think not only

Making the Most of Your Campaign

As the Super Bowl approaches this weekend, thoughts of touchdowns and interceptions quickly shift to the second game played on that fateful Sunday night. Everyone quiets down as play stops and the score fades to black. It is time for the commercials. Why exactly is it that we have such a fascination with Super Bowl ads? The answer is fairly simple — they go above and beyond to make us feel something.

Some ads tug at your heartstrings, some surprise us, some make us laugh and still others make our hearts beat faster. But, the best ads are the ones

It was just a few years ago when words “convergence” and “integration” emerged onto the scene. Until that time in the non-profit world, Media, Donor Development, Public Relations, and Creative were each unique disciplines that operated independently of one another.

Because agencies typically specialized in a single discipline, it would not be unusual for a single organization to have a media production company, a fundraising agency, a creative agency and a public relations firm. In fact, this model often remains the case today – but the world is changing. Read on…

With the advent of the Internet and Digital technology,

Acquire Your Own All-Access Credential

The way people consume information has changed drastically over the last few years and everyone has had to make adjustments — not just the media. If your organization is not functioning as your own media outlet, you are not taking advantage of your greatest asset — your complete access.

You know your organization more intimately than anyone else. Or, at least you should know it better than anyone else! By taking advantage of your own resources, you are your greatest ally.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are a few reasons why your organization should put forth quality time and

How Digital Changes Media Relations

It is no surprise that our dependence on digital media has revolutionized the way we connect with people. And, though many public relations fundamentals will always remain, many things have changed when it comes to interactions with media.

Reporters’ jobs have changed dramatically and as a PR professional, the way we service that industry should change as well.

News develops in real time

The news cycle is now 24 hours a day and reporters must be ready to produce a quick blurb, at the least, on the news event within minutes. Television and the web are even too slow in