We have all been there, in a place where we have spent countless hours preparing for that “big pitch.” Job interviews, proposals, presentations; you name it. They require much time and much focus. When that big day finally arrived, it was your time to effectively communicate who you are, your capabilities, and what you could do for others. You planned ahead, didn’t procrastinate, and created the most polished and formal presentation that you ever thought possible.

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Principles of organizational development will tell you that the key to developing close client relationships and value is through the fundamentals of marketing and advertising. True. But some traditionalists and ministries tend to forget about how public relations (PR) fits into the mix. Especially since the marketing landscape has changed, development of a strong PR campaign is crucial.

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Who Needs Public Relations?

Short answer … you do!

I want to talk to you for a minute about Public Relations — PR.  Public Relations is often underrated by ministry organizations and frequently misunderstood. However, properly executed, PR can literally change public opinion about your organization. It can generate interest about the work you do; it can create exposure. Public Relations can ultimately create a positive impact on your bottom line.

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I am often asked, “What is the difference between marketing and public relations (PR)?” PR is about managing perception and developing relationships. Marketing uses the media to send a message, while PR engages the media in what you are doing so they send the message for you.

Public Relations Defined

According to PR News, PR is defined as, “The management function which evaluates public attitudes, identifies the policies and procedures of an individual or organization with the public interest, and plans and executes a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.”

In short, PR discovers what