I just read some research touting the virtues of Facebook mobile ads. A lot of praise was being given to mobile being more cost effective, having higher click through rates, and producing more web traffic. Facebook of course is loving the attention and is promoting data of their own to convince people that all these things are true. The problem is, as impressive as these metrics are, they are not revealing whether or not the advertising is working.

Yes Mobile Has Value – But Is It Oversold?

I should disclose right now that I think mobile is tremendously important and

5 Ways to Turn Visitor-Flow Into Cash-Flow

Creating web traffic requires some work, budget, and strategy. But when your visitors and page views begin to rise, your objectives are far from complete.

Contrary to what every webmaster would like, people do not become customers, donors, or advocates just because they graced the pixels of your homepage. In fact, most visitors come and go without a sound. In the brick and mortar world, we call them window shoppers.  These are people who look but do not buy, in fact, they do not touch.

The Rules of Engagement

Internet users do not engage with a website just because they

Most people have heard something about the changes Facebook has been making for the past few months, and many have tasted them first hand. The old rules and the old era are fading away and organic reach is becoming a thing of the past.  There has been a lot of confusion and complaining around the subject, but the most important thing is learning how to adapt and succeed.

What Happened – In a Nut Shell

When a page used to share a post on Facebook, a lot of that page’s followers saw the post.  If people liked, shared, or commented

What I am about to tell you is not found in any textbook and is not openly discussed among many of the social media elite.  It is a lesson learned from experience and honest observation.  The lesson is that every social media platform, particularly Facebook, has a point of critical mass that you must reach to be effective.  This critical mass is a function of size and engagement.

Defining Critical Mass

Everyone’s first question is “how many fans do I need to reach critical mass?” The answer is simple yet un-gratifying: it varies.  I have seen critical mass occur at

7 Reminders for Email List Growth

Yes, even in 2014, email is still the biggest kid on the digital marketing playground. At least 91% of consumers check their inbox every day (ExactTarget), and email keeps adapting to new platforms: By far, email is used more than Facebook and Pinterest for sharing content on iPads (Onswipe). It remains one of — if not the most — effective vehicle for connecting and communicating with the people who care about your cause.

So, if you want to grow your email database, what are seven basics to keep in mind? I’m glad you asked.

Big, bold, above the