The Snapshot of SnapChat for Small Businesses

What social media platform is relatively new, has a yellow, ghost-shaped logo, and has virtually every teen and twenty-something in selfie overload? You guessed it. SnapChat! 

Bursting onto the scene, this app has emerged in popularity among the ranks of its established competitors like Facebook and its recently acquired Instagram, along with Twitter.  So the question in every small business owner’s mind is, is this new social platform worth the investment?

What is SnapChat?

SnapChat is a mobile app that allows a user to send videos and images that time lapsed to disappear after a few seconds of viewing. Almost

Let’s go back to the good ole days of grade school. I understand that may have been some time ago for some, but humor me. Do you remember your first crush? – That cute boy or girl you couldn’t stop thinking about. How they smiled or styled their hair. 

You drew your crush’s name next to yours in hearts and wrote love letters you knew you would never show them. You would daydream about them thinking of you in class and you happened to somehow always be at your locker the exact moment they passed. It may seem a little

These days, it seems the number of social media platforms are endless! Seeking professional relationships, there’s an app for that. Enjoy sharing videos, there’s an app for that too! Have a passion for sharing recipes, yes you guessed it, there is an app for that also. 

Don’t drown in the vast sea of social media apps! Here is how to effectively select the right social platform to effectively leverage your business.

Define Your Target Audience

This step will be the easiest of the three steps because your social media audience will be the exact same as the audience you target

Tips to Stay Current in Social Media

You finally have the hang of the newest social media site, then BOOM! In the blink of a Snapchat, something changes. Can you relate? Welcome to the ever changing world of social media! With the internet booming and social media bec

oming the No. 1 advertising source for all types of businesses it is important to know what’s out there. Not only is social media an inexpensive way to get your word out, it is effective (if you know what you are doing).

Feeling like you can’t keep up? Here are some tips:

  1. Follow the social media guru: Do

Ever notice how you may see a post, but other mutual friends did not? Timing of the post is not everything, there is a particular algorithm that Facebook uses that determines what’s in your newsfeed—and that’s called EdgeRank. All posts, pictures, shares, comments—everything you see on Facebook is dictated by this formula and is unique to each user. There are three dimensions to EdgeRank that all work simultaneously:

  • The first part of the algorithm gauges your “score” with a person to determine if you see their post or not, which is found from the number of “edges” you have