Prevailing marketing wisdom tells you to go where your audience is. And if nearly every American who has a computer is on Facebook, then most of your audience is likely there. And while there is a lot of truth to that, just because your audience is there does not mean it is aware of you. Building brand awareness on social media requires a different approach than traditional media. You need a strategy that is custom tailored to your brand and audience; cookie cutter approaches will only take you so far.

The Internet is abuzz with blog posts, articles, and eBooks that describe social media best practices. As technology develops and social platforms adapt, we find contemporary best practices in a state of constant refinement. However, the core principles of wisdom do not change much, even over great lengths of time. And when it comes to social media, there is a lot to be learned about what has already been learned. Read more

Bounce rate is a sticky subject for some people because it is almost always higher than you intuitively want it to be.  But as I’ve learned, intuition and data are not always perfect dance partners.  Simply put, bounce rate is the percentage of website visitors who only look at one page before leaving.  Knowing about this little statistic and knowing what to do with it can have a major effect on how you design and evaluate your internet marketing system. Read more

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication and persuasion that we have record of.  The story has a unique ability to connect our minds with our emotions and unlock the imagination.  Storytelling a time tested tradition that has been refined through the spoken and written word for millennia.  Compared to that, telling stories digitally or through social media is still in beta testing.  But an effective social media storytelling technique could capture an audience larger than any epic poem ever has. Read more

Everyone is itching to find out what makes social media content viral. Blog posts pop up every day about the subject, but no one has quite been able to capture the idea in a bottle just yet. A blog post titled The Way To Create Consistently Viral Content Has Been Discovered carries about as much credibility as a Bigfoot sighting. The closest word to viral that many people are comfortable with is sharable. Sharable content is something people want to share, are easily able to share, and do share with some consistency.