3 Social Tools Your Church Should be Using

By now we’re all aware that we live in a technology-crazed world and it’s not unusual to see people walking through the mall while simultaneously punching keys on their smartphone. More so, the techified world has engulfed people of all ages — and now you can even find people glued to their phones during a Sunday morning service. Read more

Launching a new Facebook page is easy, but the systematic and strategic debut of a new social platform is a completely different discussion.  We often think of Facebook interactions as engagement, but it’s really only a doorway to the level of engagement your organization needs to have with people to make the most of Facebook’s potential.  Read more

Say you are new to the field and you want to learn about social media. Or perhaps you just want to learn more.  What is the best way to do that?  Do you take a social media course? Do you enroll in a social media training program?  Do you buy some books and teach yourself?  The reality is there are a lot of options out there, none of which are as simple as just pushing a button.  The best answer will depend on whether you are after information or skills.

Have you ever taken the bait and clicked on a really good ad?  I mean, you knew it was an ad and clicked it anyway?  I have, but I can tell you that it does not happen often.

“Why do I click on it?” you ask. Because I am intrigued or excited and want to find out more information about what seems to be natural, organic content.  And that is the key: if people feel like your content is organic and not a sales piece, then they will be comfortable with clicking. Read more

Sometimes the best marketing wisdom is hiding in plain sight!

Everyone is looking for hidden social media marketing secrets, some new and little known tactic that will tip the scales in their favor. Marketers are looking for that one hidden truth that they have not yet found to answer all of their questions. And while certainly there is new information that could help each one of us, I believe the real secret is very obvious and often ignored; testing!  Read more