A lot of people want to use Facebook to generate sales, donations, and new business.  While Facebook can work marvelously to accomplish these objectives, it is rarely a direct transaction.  In order to leverage the promotional power of Facebook, you need to adapt your promotion and probably your sales process.

Why Are They There?

People do not visit Facebook with the intent of conducting a transaction, their purpose is very different.  Just as people who are in a social or entertainment kind of mindset are not quick to consider buying things.

The Actions People Want To Take

The fastest way

Let me start off by saying I am not a LinkedIn evangelist and I do not spend hours a day on the site.  But I do spend about five minutes per week there, and it is time well spent.  With nearly 350 million users, LinkedIn is the anchor of the modern digital professional world.  It is much more than a digital business card or an online resume.  It is your opportunity to control people’s first impression.

When I teach at the university level, I am flabbergasted by the number of upperclassmen looking for job opportunities that have no knowledge of

Is Your Social Media Strategy Effective?

Measuring the success of your campaign is a vital facet of marketing. It is critical to view how your marketing efforts are contributing to the organization’s bottom line. If you are engaging in social media, then you should be measuring those activities. What is the best way to measure the effectiveness of your social media content?

Determine your social media goals.

Before posting content, you need to identify your social media goals and objectives. What is your organization trying to accomplish? Define your target audience and which social media outlets they utilize. Think about the desired response of your audience.

Social media has a stigma of not being very measurable.  But when it comes to Facebook advertising, there are tools in place that can very effectively measure ROI. So much so, that Facebook’s analytics can become your most important indicator of success and favorite tools for planning.  And when it comes to lead acquisition, I often find Facebook ads are at the front of the pack.

The Lead Generation Formula

The methodology is straight forward, you run ads on Facebook that drive users to your landing page where an offer motivates them to join your email or direct mail list. 

10 Fast Ways To Improve Your Facebook Page

When it comes to managing a Facebook page, many of us focus so much on keeping things going that there isn’t much time left for innovation and research.  But it is often the small things that make big differences in the social media arena.

So here are 10 fast ways to improve your Facebook page:

  1. Post as often as your audience wants.  There are rules of thumb when it comes to post frequency, but the best post frequency is determined by the audience.  Start at once per day, but then ramp up and later scale back.  Look at your