13 Landing Page Best Practices

Capturing new names is a critical step in building and sustaining your fundraising efforts. So you develop a special offer, with just the right premium, and cast your message to the four corners of the digital world to reach the most likely respondents. But once these throngs of potential hand raisers arrive at your new landing page, what percentage of them complete the mission, share their information, and dive into your database? Here are some reminders when creating that landing page, measuring its performance, and adjusting it to increase Form Completion Rate (FCR).


Match the creative and the context.

In case you have not heard, Google recently announced they would begin using website security features as a variable for determining search rankings. If your site already has HTTPS security in place across your entire website then you are on the fast track. If not, then this is something you should be thinking about right away!

Word Soup and Salad

This is not meant to be a deep tech post, but let me get some acronyms on the table for you. HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, which is a roundabout way of saying HTTP which has been

I just read some research touting the virtues of Facebook mobile ads. A lot of praise was being given to mobile being more cost effective, having higher click through rates, and producing more web traffic. Facebook of course is loving the attention and is promoting data of their own to convince people that all these things are true. The problem is, as impressive as these metrics are, they are not revealing whether or not the advertising is working.

Yes Mobile Has Value – But Is It Oversold?

I should disclose right now that I think mobile is tremendously important and

5 Steps to VBS Success

It’s that time of year.  Summer is in full swing, and so are an abundant amount of VBS posters lining your sidewalks.  Perhaps it’s time to re-think marketing for your church’s VBS.  It’s 2014. We have the technology; let’s put it to good use!

1) Use Facebook!  This may seem like a no-brainer to some but Facebook has over one billion active users!  Surely, most of your target audience is using this social media tool in some way.  Create an event and invite everyone from your church and community.  Then encourage them to invite their friends. The word

5 Ways to Turn Visitor-Flow Into Cash-Flow

Creating web traffic requires some work, budget, and strategy. But when your visitors and page views begin to rise, your objectives are far from complete.

Contrary to what every webmaster would like, people do not become customers, donors, or advocates just because they graced the pixels of your homepage. In fact, most visitors come and go without a sound. In the brick and mortar world, we call them window shoppers.  These are people who look but do not buy, in fact, they do not touch.

The Rules of Engagement

Internet users do not engage with a website just because they