5 Tips For Managing Big Facebook Campaigns

When you run a small Facebook campaign, things are simple, variables are few, and measurement is easy.  But as you scale up, there are layers of complexity that are invariably added to the mix. Some people would recommend just setting up a small campaign and increasing the spend; and that’s an option, but there is a lot more potential here.  If you handle a big spend wisely, you can be drastically more efficient and effective.

1) Target Target Target

Targeting the right audience is always critical, for big or small campaigns.  But it’s actually easier to target a small niche audience

Business Apps from The Beatles

The Fab Four arrived in America 50 years ago this Fall. So let’s take a couple of minutes to list some business, productivity and/or travel applications that The Beatles may have inspired with their biggest hits. Hundreds of millions can’t imagine life without their music, and these apps are among those that yours truly cannot properly function without.

“Let It Be”


Everyone has a favorite social media editing + distribution dashboard, and this is mine. Buffer  offers a clean and easy-to-use interface across all my accounts, on all of my devices,

Pretend for a moment that you manage a brick-and-mortar retail store.  Who do you think are the most likely people to buy something from your store?  Your first thought is people who like your product, and your second thought probably points to a specific type of person.

The better answer is the people who are in your store.

This simple idea holds true online as well.  The people who are most likely to engage with your website are the people who visit it.

Digital Window Shoppers

When it comes to advertising, you are either trying to get new people into

5 MORE Secrets to Blogging Success

If you are looking for tips on how to boost the success of your blog posts, you have come to the right place! This article picks up where 3 Secrets to Writing a Killer Blog Post left off. You might remember that those secrets were:

  • Reel them in with an irresistible headline
  • Promise a solution to a problem
  • Leave them wanting more

Now, I have five more secrets to blogging success that you don’t want to miss. Here they are:

1. Use six words in the headline

Research shows that six is the ideal number of words

13 Landing Page Best Practices

Capturing new names is a critical step in building and sustaining your fundraising efforts. So you develop a special offer, with just the right premium, and cast your message to the four corners of the digital world to reach the most likely respondents. But once these throngs of potential hand raisers arrive at your new landing page, what percentage of them complete the mission, share their information, and dive into your database? Here are some reminders when creating that landing page, measuring its performance, and adjusting it to increase Form Completion Rate (FCR).


Match the creative and the context.