10 Fast Ways To Improve Your Facebook Page

When it comes to managing a Facebook page, many of us focus so much on keeping things going that there isn’t much time left for innovation and research.  But it is often the small things that make big differences in the social media arena.

So here are 10 fast ways to improve your Facebook page:

  1. Post as often as your audience wants.  There are rules of thumb when it comes to post frequency, but the best post frequency is determined by the audience.  Start at once per day, but then ramp up and later scale back.  Look at your


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I have been observing a Facebook wide trend where post reach is decreasing while engagement is increasing.  This trend was once interesting but has recently become startling.  You see, posts are only being seen by those who are most likely to interact with them.  Eventually, Facebook will only show your content to people who are fairly sure to like, share or comment on it.  The problem is these users represent a very small part of your audience.

The Back Story

Up until about a year ago, when a Facebook page made a post, a substantial portion of their audience saw it. 

Facebook is always changing.  The culture, the best practices, and the algorithm – they are always evolving.  And the best way to stay at the front of the pack is to make adjustments every step of the way.  But sometimes, we get caught up focusing in other areas and are unable to stay on top of Facebook changes and the necessary adaptations to our approach.  So I wanted to give you a short list of simple things you can do to keep your Facebook presence up to date.

I see many of these left undone on a regular basis, so