Building a Winning Team

No matter how small or large your organization may be or what industry you are in, you are probably under pressure to find and keep high-performing employees that can move your organization forward.

Regardless of how quickly or cost-effectively employees are brought on board, if they are not the best fit with your organization it could cost you valuable time and resources.   Your employees make up “the face” of your organization — how you are perceived by clients and by peers in the industry.   Finding and hiring quality individuals is very important to your organization, period.

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Three Ways to Retain Your Employees

Did you know that every time an employee leaves your organization it costs you on average $35,000? With all the costs associated with searching for candidates, hiring, training, and maintaining productivity levels, wouldn’t it be easier to just retain the employees you have? Sounds easy, right? It is!

Put the time into the employees you already have by…

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