3 Aspects to a Great Logo

One of the main conversations we have on our blog, with our clients, and around the office is that your brand is not your logo. Your brand is the total sum of experiences that the public has with your organization.

However, just because your brand is not your logo does not mean that you ignore you brand identity completely.  Your logo is important.  Here are three things to keep in mind regarding your logo.

  1. A logo must be simple.

When it comes to logos, less is more. Think about some of the major brands today and how simple

What Is Your Type?

There are so many types out there, all with creative names and styles…

Typefaces that is. You know, those free things that come installed on your computer otherwise, also known as fonts.

Choosing the typeface (font) for your specific business can be a challenging and addictive foray into the unknown, secretive world of type selection and font design. More and more businesses are venturing into managing and selecting their own type or company brand. This is not recommended and can lead to significant problems down the road. Designers “hate” cleaning up messes and they “will” charge you for