Every year, 30 million people will play fantasy football. It has grown into a billion dollar industry spawning television shows, literature, and honest to goodness academic research. ESPN, for example, employs MBA graduates to run regression analysis to observe trends and establish statistic projections for players.

Can you think of another industry that puts so much thought, planning and analysis into their strategy?


The world of online marketing is evolving just as fast as fantasy football, and the similarities between the two are not limited to the types of people they depend on:

Set your strategy like a lineup

Infinity Concepts Presents Cartooning

We’re energized about this new venture because of all the benefits that cartoons bring to the table. They present a handy and fun way to reach and connect with people. They can inspire, motivate, entertain, and deliver messages in innovative ways. We feel that new opportunities are developing around this medium. After all, cartoons are familiar, they’re comfortable, and people like them. A cartoon can do something a page of text or good photograph can’t do; it grasps the imagination and builds empathy.

Making Better Media Decisions

Media has become a critical tool for ministry in today’s culture. Whether you are utilizing traditional media like television, radio, or print; or more interactive media like web, email, social media, streaming video; it is important to choose the right media based on your objectives, and it is important to have a clear and well defined strategy driving those objectives….