Building Effective Teams

At the recent conference where I have been speaking, I noticed that a lot of the conversation has revolved around building effective teams. Since team building is a significant part of what we help our clients achieve, I felt it would be appropriate to share three team-building keys I have discovered over the years.

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Making Better Media Decisions

Too many ministries seem to operate on a series of “hunches” when it comes to making their media decisions. Within the confines of our media department, we refer to this strategy or lack of strategy, as the “Lost Media Dollar Approach.” For those with great hunches this approach may yield good results, but why gamble with precious media dollars? By using response data you can make informed and cost effective decisions about investing the resources God has given you.

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Do You Speak Consumerese?

How well do you know your audience? How well do you truly know what they need? My favorite way to illustrate this point is by using the example of the exterminator. What does the exterminator sell? From his standpoint he sells pest control. But what does he sell from the consumer’s standpoint?

If you ask a consumer and really listen to their answer you will discover that what an exterminator sells is peace of mind — not dead bugs. Most people purchase the services of an exterminator when they do NOT have a pest problem because they want to FEEL