At the beginning of every website project there are two big questions you will soon be faced with: “What content should be included?” and “How should it be organized?” Here are some ideas to get you started in finding answers!

Set Goals

If you have not already defined goals for the project, begin by asking questions. Then ask some more. The answers will provide focus for the content.

  1. Who should the website reach? Current customers? Prospects? The media?
  2. What response are you looking for? A purchase? A donation? Contacting your organization?
  3. How should the visitor feel while on

Is a Website Ever Finished?

All too often a website is viewed as a project with a set end date. Once the website is launched, and some follow up support completed, the project is done. In today’s world this should not be.

Why does this happen?

Many agencies began with print and later expanded to web design. In print, the project was done when it went to the printer… no more changes could be made.

Secondly, it is often assumed that a website is a standalone marketing piece.

Thirdly, the best ideas are often discovered during the process of building the website. Because of this,

Plan for the Unexpected

Brace yourself, today’s topic is website backups! Ok, we admit this may not be the most inspiring article you read today. However, you can relax and move on to the more exciting life once you have a proper backups configured!

There is a wide spectrum of approaches to this topic. From doing nothing (please read on!) to having real-time redundant backups (you can leave now). Most organizations’ needs fall somewhere in the middle.

What to backup?
In most cases the backup should include two pieces:

  • Database

The database typically includes the content for your website as well

Cyber Monday- What Online Retailers Should Know

We are all well aware of the “holiday” that immediately follows Thanksgiving – Black Friday. This event is something that a large part of the U.S. population hates, while the other part happily forfeits enjoying turkey leftovers in order to map out their 3am Friday game plan. However, there is also another consumer “holiday” that has become increasingly popular in the past 5 years – Cyber Monday.

What are the perks of Cyber Monday versus Black Friday for consumers? Well for one… you can sit safely at home and approach a promotional item with simply the click of

The textbooks remind us that communication does not occur until someone understands. This all important point can be overshadowed by technical advancements and “best practices” in website design. Whether it is responsive design, adaptive, flat, desktop focused, the most important thing is communicating clearly. Here are 5 tips that will help you do just that and fundamentally improve your website.

1) Think Past the Design
Your ultimate goal is not a beautiful website. What you really want is to motivate action, change perception, educate, or in some way make an impression on people. Stop trying to picture what the