You Should Work for Free

Are you willing to work for free? Because you should be evaluating what worth your salary truly holds.

Okay, maybe working for free isn’t ideal (or fun). But do you love what you do for a living? Do you truly have a passion for your work?

Trust me, I know living comfortably is nice. It’s even preferred. But living comfortably and detesting going to work every day equals a miserable life. And no one wants to be miserable.

If you are in a job and you don’t truly enjoy it, or if you’re currently searching for a job there are

How To Boost Office Productivity This Summer

Summer is finally upon us, and over the next few months the sun will be shining, outdoor activities will be in full swing, and you’ll be daydreaming that you’re anywhere other than your desk.

There is a good chance that summer distractions will hinder your work motivation and efficiency. However, with the proper time management, prioritization, and planning, you can make it through even the sunniest months productively!

Plan your Priorities – The best way to have a productive day is to plan it before you start. Arrange your to-do items in order of priority, and leave

5 Tips to a More Productive Work Day

Did you ever have one of those days or weeks where you feel like you accomplished absolutely nothing, but worked over 40 hours?  Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your work day in order to become more productive.  Here are some tips:

  1. Have a prioritized to-do list:  I am sure we all have an idea in our head of what we need to accomplish for the week.  Put those thoughts on paper!  Taking a few moments each day to not only prepare but prioritize your tasks will make you much more efficient.  Do the things that must be done first