Infinity Concepts has retained its spot among the top 5 largest advertising agencies in the Pittsburgh region for the third consecutive year by the Pittsburgh Business Times. Infinity Concepts, based in Export, Pa., just to the east of Pittsburgh, is a faith-based advertising agency specializing in brand communications and direct response marketing.

“It is an honor to be recognized by the Pittsburgh Business Times for the third consecutive year as one of the largest agencies in the region,” said Infinity Concepts President and CEO Mark Dreistadt. “The Pittsburgh region is a dynamic and growing area full of outstanding talent and

The lifeblood of any nonprofit is the ongoing effort to acquire new donors. Donor acquisition efforts take a lot of time and investment and often do not produce dividends in the short term. However, it is absolutely vital to have a consistent flow of new donors in order to, at a minimum, replace those donors who lapse through normal attrition. Without a robust donor acquisition strategy, your donor file will shrink and, over time, your revenue will plummet.

There are multiple platforms you can use to acquire new donors:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Email campaigns
  • Direct mailings
  • Social media

Strategize Your Vision

You are planning a big event at your church or media ministry. God has given you an amazing vision for this project and you are excited about what He is going to do through it to reach people who need to hear the saving message of Jesus Christ.

Whether it is a large stage production that involves lights, sound, costumes and choreography, or whether it’s a solo live streaming event or a new teaching series in your sanctuary, it is important to think strategically. Bring your staff together to plan the event, assign important tasks to each member of the

5 Reasons Image Ads Outperform Video Ads

There is no doubt that video ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google Display Networks, and YouTube are more than a trend. Video ads are here to stay and their use continues to grow.
Video ads are certainly effective, however they are not always more effective than image-based ads. A good digital strategy, especially in the area of lead generation for ministries, should explore every ad type to find what works best with each campaign.

The Merits of Digital Video Advertisements

Moving pictures have been in vogue since they were invented. They give you the ability to do things, to

Amazon Echo — Google Home – Apple HomePod — Alexa —Siri…

Voice enabled devices are currently all the rage for consumers. And, why not? I’m certainly one of the many consumers who have benefited from asking Alexa to play a music playlist, or to give me the score of last night’s game. But how does branding, marketing, and public relations fit into this new world?

Well, to be honest, no one knows just yet. There are a lot of questions that Google, Amazon, and Apple have yet to answer as to how they plan to handle some of their features

A smart man makes a mistake and learns from it…
A wise man finds a smart man and learns how to avoid the mistake altogether.

As a ministry leader, I learned the value of working with consultants. I hired people to help me who knew my business better than me — and I learned from their experience. Finding individuals who are experts in their fields and utilizing them to help grow and manage your organization is a wise decision.

By hiring a consultant, you have access to deeper levels of expertise than would be financially feasible