Can I Have A Volunteer?

The need for quality volunteers in any non-profit organization is a never-ending challenge. Volunteers are the “lifeblood” of any ministry organization. It’s critical that volunteers are recruited in a way that is engaging, caring, and well organized.

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How's Your Motor Running

In the working dynamics of an internal combustion engine, three components are necessary. FUEL, SPARK, and AIR. Take any one of these three components out and the engine will not even start, let alone run smoothly.

Let’s see if we can apply these dynamics to working business relationships.

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Thanks For Your Help…

A few weeks ago I wrote an article asking you to comment on your thoughts about Infinity Concepts. Your feedback was extremely helpful to us. It helped us come to several conclusions. I thought I would share some of those conclusions with you today. Here’s what we learned: Read more

Brand Uniqueness

A few months ago we discussed the success of the ad campaign for Avis (Rent-A-Car). If you recall, Avis uniquely developed an “against-position” with Hertz that allowed them to build one of the most successful brands ever… “We are #2. We try harder.”

I’m sure Avis did try harder, but their success was credited to their “Brand Uniqueness”…being Number Two. By positioning themselves in the minds of their consumers as the “underdog,” they won the hearts of millions.

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Buying Christian Television Airtime

When it comes to buying media, many of the rules that apply to mainstream media don’t fit with effectively planning and executing a media buy in the Christian market. There are unique considerations in the Christian market that make planning, negotiating, and placing media in this vertical a highly specialized skill.

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