To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

It’s a pervasive reality that has inundated the American culture full force and head on: social media. The rise of social media in today’s society has caused a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. We use it to reconnect with old friends from high school, our college roommates, and even to promote our companies and organizations.

With all the hype surrounding Twitter, Facebook, and blogging, it’s tempting to quickly jump on the social media and networking train. Many companies see social media as a relatively inexpensive new marketing tool. But if you are going to invest in building a

From Interruption to Engagement

Life is filled with interruptions. The phone rings in the middle of dinner; someone knocks at the door while you are focused on an important project; a person interrupts you in the midst of a conversation with someone else.

We have come to expect a certain number of interruptions in our lives, but as the number of interruptions increases our attentiveness to those interruptions declines. When we hit the breaking point, we may take the phone off the hook, ignore the knock at the door, or move our conversation behind closed doors. The clutter becomes deafening and we stop listening.

Think Creatively!

Creativity… we long for it — we love it — we pay for it. Yet this coveted commodity is readily available within us. Many simply do not know how to leave the world of the mundane and predictable and enter into the world where anything is possible. So to help you explore new places in your next creative or brainstorming meeting, here are some principles to guide your way:

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Can I Have A Volunteer?

The need for quality volunteers in any non-profit organization is a never-ending challenge. Volunteers are the “lifeblood” of any ministry organization. It’s critical that volunteers are recruited in a way that is engaging, caring, and well organized.

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How's Your Motor Running

In the working dynamics of an internal combustion engine, three components are necessary. FUEL, SPARK, and AIR. Take any one of these three components out and the engine will not even start, let alone run smoothly.

Let’s see if we can apply these dynamics to working business relationships.

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