Getting Personal

There is a lot of talk these days in the direct mail marketing world on the subject of variable data printing. If you are not familiar with this relatively new technology, allow us to give you an abbreviated overview.

Variable data technology (VDT) itself is not all that new to publishing. Its predecessor was the mail merge tool introduced on most desktop systems in the 1990’s. In it, the variable information found on one’s database could be accessed and dropped into a print field on a document, creating a personal greeting to an otherwise impersonal letter. In most cases, it

Take the Journey…

Communication is a journey. It is the process of taking someone from where they are to where they need to be. It is a means of changing perception — direction — understanding — or focus. It is a continuum of shifting framework that must be carefully managed for the appropriate information progression to take place.

Good communication must assume that there is a gap of understanding between two people and then progressively fill in that gap with layers of information and experience to reduce the distance between them.

Sunday morning worship is often a great example of bad communication.

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What is success? How is it measured? How does one know when one achieves it? Is it the end of something, like crossing the finish line? Or the quality of that end, as in finishing first? So much emphasis is placed on success in our society that the difference between running the race and running the race well is often confused.

Success sometimes loses its value when the goal becomes the same for everyone. Making money is a popular measure of success. Others might say that marrying the “perfect 10” is the ultimate measure of success. If that were true,

There Is Money in Funny

Humor does a lot more than entertain. It sells. Advertisers spend millions of dollars for a 30 second spot to showcase their client’s products and services during the 4 hour phenomena we call the Superbowl. Ask anyone after the Superbowl which commercials they remembered and most will tell you about the ones that made them laugh.

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

It’s a pervasive reality that has inundated the American culture full force and head on: social media. The rise of social media in today’s society has caused a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. We use it to reconnect with old friends from high school, our college roommates, and even to promote our companies and organizations.

With all the hype surrounding Twitter, Facebook, and blogging, it’s tempting to quickly jump on the social media and networking train. Many companies see social media as a relatively inexpensive new marketing tool. But if you are going to invest in building a