Israel Ministry of Tourism

Our highly successful, long-term relationship with the Israel Ministry of Tourism encompassed a broad scope of projects. Infinity Concepts developed the inspiring brand, logo, and tagline, “Visit Israel. You’ll never be the same.” Our beautifully simple but high-impact advertising campaign asked the question, “What makes the miracles of Jesus even more miraculous?” The answer says it all, “Standing where they happened.”

Throughout our work together, Infinity Concepts created a comprehensive package of services for the Israel Ministry of Tourism that helped thousands of Christians in North and South America connect with their spiritual homeland:

  • Christian Leader’s Tool Kit and Catholic Pilgrimage Tool Kit in four languages
  • Israel Insights monthly e-newsletter
  • Print ads
  • TV & radio spots
  • Israel music video DVD
  • Web ads
  • Landing pages
  • Marketing support materials

We Worked On

Branding, Digital, Graphic Design, Logo Development, Marketing, Media, Print, Public Relations