Rebirthing a Ministry

A New Perspective Brings New Life

In 2012, Our Journey of Hope was a ten year old outreach through which ministers and healthcare clinicians travelled the country teaching churches how to begin Cancer Care Ministries.  Cancer Treatment Centers of America sponsored the program as a way of giving back to the community.  The program touched dozens of churches each year.

When Infinity Concepts began talking with the leadership of Our Journey of Hope, it became apparent that a change was needed in order to impact more churches.  We concluded that the best way to reach more churches was to stop visiting churches. On one hand this seemed like the opposite of any good ministry multiplication strategy, but Our Journey of Hope has some of the most seasoned Cancer Care Ministry experts in the world and our perspective was that they could be used more effectively.

Over the course of a nearly a year we helped rebuild the program from the ground up.  A new curriculum was developed complete with presentations, workbooks, leader’s guides, a video series, a new website, online resources, a secure web portal for ministry leaders, and much more.  We affectionately referred to it as Our Journey of Hope 2.0.

With the re-launch in November of 2013 Our Journey of Hope had been reborn.  Instead of traveling to churches around the nation, they hosted a two day Cancer Care Leadership Training for pastors and church leaders at participating Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital locations.

In two days a class of thirty or more church leaders could be trained, equipped, and commission at one location.  In effect, we were able to help Our Journey of Hope reach almost as many churches in one day as they had been reaching in one year.  Couple that with multiple trainings at each location per year, and multiple national locations, and we began to see instant exponential impact.  And what was even better is that now the cancer care ministers and doctors did not need to travel around the country and could stay in the hospitals and care for those who need it most. To further make the newly centralized trainings accessible, Cancer Treatment Centers of America decided to sponsor all of the curriculum and ministry materials a church would need to start and grow their own ministry.  They even sponsored the meals for attending church leaders.  All pastors needed to do was get to one of the sites to get their training at no cost.

Since then we have been working to get the word out and to help make the program even more effective.  To date over 800 churches have been trained and over 300 local church based Cancer Care Ministries have already begun.  And things are just getting started. Does your ministry need new life?