Truth Held Captive

By Christine Johns

Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another. Ephesians 4:25

Peace if possible, truth at all costs. –Martin Luther

Recently, I read an article about the state of communication in a “post-truth” era. So much has changed in our industry in our relationship to the truth. The advent of fake news, safe spaces, and trigger warnings give permission to audiences to choose ala carte the information that matches a prescriptive version of “their truth” while dismissing the rest. The growth of identity

SEO Content Writing: Is Your Blog Really A Blog?

Surely, you know of the never ending “tomato debate”. Every time it comes up during a barbeque or a lunch table discussion, nothing really ever seems to get solved. One side is adamant about considering it to be a fruit because it has seeds, and of course because it can be squeezed into a juice. The other side strongly supports the viewpoint that tomatoes grow on stalk, and according to the food pyramid, are considered a vegetable. Therefore they are a vegetable. Or are they?

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Well, it is summertime. For many of us, this means we have the chance to step outside and enjoy the vast wilderness that God gave us. For one, I enjoy getting lost in the outdoors, taking long adventurous trips through rocky terrains and experiencing the artistic beauty of God’s Creation. But from experience, I know that trips outdoors can be harsh.

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You’ve probably heard the SEO gospel being preached these days, maybe even from me.  This is the notion that by optimizing your keywords, content, meta tags, and website structure, you can pull organic search traffic from Google like a pro.  And while that statement is certainly true, the key word is can pull organic search traffic, which differs a lot from saying will pull traffic.  And while you can pull traffic, that’s not the same as driving traffic.

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There are blogs that cover every subject, every industry, every topic, every second of every day.  Some posts are very informative, rich with cutting edge knowledge and wisdom.  Other posts, well, are not.  The blog post’s title is the number one way that readers try to sort between the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Writing a good post title is just as important as writing a good post.  Most people will never even see the post unless they are interested in the title.

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