Direct Mail: Improving Your ROI

Is there something that can be done to improve ROI for your direct mail program? How can the response rate be increased? How can you get a larger average gift?

There are many factors that can affect the performance of a direct mail appeal letter; but for today, we will focus on one component that can significantly make an impact on your direct mail letter results — the response device.

The response device is a coupon or card that the recipient sends back with their gift. It is probably the most important element in the direct mail package. This is

A Strong Fundraising Strategy Is Like A Good Movie

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Direct Mail Fundraising Is Alive and Well!

Direct mail fundraising is not dead or even a dying dinosaur of yesteryear. In fact, it remains one of the most tried-and-true forms of generating the necessary funds to enable an organization to fulfill their mission. With the right research and understanding of donor development trends, you can generate significant income through direct mail. Read more

Every ministry organization requires funding to accomplish their mission. Typically, most of the funds are raised through direct mail appeal letters. In doing nonprofit consulting, people often ask me what makes a successful fundraising letter? Here are three tips to help you communicate more effectively with your donors. Read more