If you’re a nonprofit or ministry, you are most likely looking for ways to improve your fundraising strategies to raise more money. There are a lot of essential building blocks in an effective fundraising program, but there is one that has the potential to greatly increase revenue for you: CONVERSION.

Your organization spends a lot of money to acquire new donors through multiple channels such as television, radio, special events, direct mail acquisition, display ads, and e-appeals. However, many organizations make the mistake of not implementing donor conversion strategies to encourage new donors to give a second gift as quickly as

Recently, most of the social media world received a new email address without realizing it. The announcement was made by means of a single notice that appeared one time, then disappeared whether it was read or not. This was part of Facebook’s new email roll-out where approximately one billion people had their profiles personal email quietly replaced with Firstname.Lastname@Facebook.com or a similar variant. You may want to check yours…

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