By, Christine Johns

Generosity. It’s a win-win strategy. It’s the dynamic that occurs when one person gives selflessly to another, based on a mutual understanding of the relationship. Both parties benefit from the affinity which results, and hopefully, a lasting bond of trust is formed.

Who doesn’t love the thought of everybody winning? When it comes to your brand, you can’t afford to be insular and self-absorbed, especially in an age where loyalty and outcomes are the primary drivers of your audience.

Consider these statistics:

  • 56% of consumers said receiving a personalized incentive would improve consideration of the brand

When I completed my inbound marketing certification a little while back, I said to myself, “This is not that difficult to understand; it just takes some effort to learn a few new words and tactics.” To me, learning about the theory and practice of inbound marketing is a bit like reading a novel — it’s an engaging experience.

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Social media takes every element of what it means to “be social”, amplifies it and expands it to accommodate a vast majority of a population who seek similar interests. It also reaches out and motivates those who don’t seek similar interests. For a church, this means social media is used to build interior relationships, and also as a tool to spread the good word. It’s a way for congregations to be effectual “fishers of men”.

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Inbound marketing in all of its various forms is sweeping the internet and the business sector.  This methodology of driving website traffic with SEO and high quality web content in order to acquire and nurture new leads is spreading.  Inbound marketing is not really being used as an educational tool, but one of major functions is essentially brokering free educational materials to obtain new leads.  Now what if we designed these materials from an educator’s point of view instead of a marketer’s?

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Someone asked me the other day about how the average person is supposed to keep up with all of the changes in the fields of social media, SEO, and inbound marketing.  I was a bit caught off guard by both the question and the tone.  It then occurred to me that not everyone spends the first part of their day actively reviewing everything that’s happened in those fields in the past 24 hours and tweeting about it.  My first thought was to find people like me, but my second thought was that would make me