There are a lot of methods churches are using today to reach people and bring them into the church — cool lights, haze machines during worship, a coffee shop in the lobby, shorter service times, and creative stage props. All these are fine to do, but they will eventually become ineffective if the church isn’t continuously expanding their base of leaders.

Let me share an example Pastor Wayne Cordeiro gives that illustrates this point well. Imagine that I hold out a 1-square-foot piece of cardboard, and I slowly empty a bucket of white sand onto it. The sand will accumulate, and as

What Is Your Church Known For In Your Community?

I’ve heard it said to church leaders that their church could be one of four churches located at a four-way intersection and each church could fulfill the needs of its people if they were all pursuing the distinct assignment that God had given them.

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What is success? How is it measured? How do you know when you actually achieve it?

Is success the end of something, like crossing the finish line? Or is it the quality of that ending, as in finishing first? So much emphasis is placed on success in our society that the difference between running the race and running the race well is often confused.

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