There are a lot of methods churches are using today to reach people and bring them into the church — cool lights, haze machines during worship, a coffee shop in the lobby, shorter service times, and creative stage props. All these are fine to do, but they will eventually become ineffective if the church isn’t continuously expanding their base of leaders.

Let me share an example Pastor Wayne Cordeiro gives that illustrates this point well. Imagine that I hold out a 1-square-foot piece of cardboard, and I slowly empty a bucket of white sand onto it. The sand will accumulate, and as

God has given everyone an assignment! An assignment is a mission or position to which a person is assigned. We each have a position in the Body of Christ and a distinct mission to fulfill… and God has perfectly equipped us to succeed in His assignment.  All visionary leaders have to some degree recognized and embraced this charge.

The Calling of Christian Leadership

God places a Word in your spirit … He gives you a revelation.  Then as your life surrounds that revelation it comes to life within you. That revelation released into the world through your thoughts,

What are GSOTs?  You cannot maximize your potential without them; you will never see the level of success you desire unless you have them; others will pass you by unless your GSOTs are in order. GSOTs give strategic insight into your organization’s action plan, process, and future. GSOTs are goals, strategies, objectives, and tactics.

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5 Keys To Effective Team Management

Effective management and effective team leadership are skills that are developed through training and experience.  If you want to manage people and lead your team effectively, there are five basic principles you need to understand:

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