Getting Media To Tell Your Story

If you’ve been working hard to pitch your organization’s story to a media outlet and you haven’t had much luck, there may be a way to get your organization noticed and build a valued relationship with the outlet at the same time.

It requires offering up unique content that you have not used before, and giving it to the outlet with no strings attached. So, how do you do that? It’s tough to give up content and not ask for a reciprocal interview or coverage in return, but that’s exactly what you need to do.

Let’s look at some tips

4 Step Plan For Funding Your Media Outreach

A media outreach typically develops out of the growing communication efforts of a nonprofit, ministry, or church. Eventually a decision is made to take the media efforts to a higher level and reach out through television, radio, or the Internet. The challenge is always how to pay for the media. There are four specific elements to financing the expansion of a media outreach that need to be considered before any significant steps are taken.

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When it comes to media buying, it is important to recognize the differences that exist between the secular and Christian markets. Sure, a lot of the basics are the same, but there is a big shift in strategy. Media placement in the secular market is mostly an exercise in mathematics and logic, where prices and statistics drive the equation. But buying airtime in the Christian market for a media ministry adds multiple layers of complexity to the media strategy.


Build on Your Strengths

Okay, we know a lot of people must think the “back office” is just another name for how you arrange your files and where you put your paper clips. While all of that needs to be taken care of, we specifically have in mind establishing efficient procedures for receiving, processing, and receipting donations or orders, managing direct mail, and producing reports.

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Yes, it takes money to start and money to operate over the long-haul. Too often, people either assume everything will just work out and don’t count the cost up front, or they approach the whole subject of media funding with fear and fail to appropriate the plan set before them. So, here are three handy lists to keep in mind regarding funding.

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