Getting Media To Tell Your Story

If you’ve been working hard to pitch your organization’s story to a media outlet and you haven’t had much luck, there may be a way to get your organization noticed and build a valued relationship with the outlet at the same time.

It requires offering up unique content that you have not used before, and giving it to the outlet with no strings attached. So, how do you do that? It’s tough to give up content and not ask for a reciprocal interview or coverage in return, but that’s exactly what you need to do.

Let’s look at some tips

This is a snippet from a wonderfully kind post written by Gail McWilliams, a compelling author, speaker, radio host, and long time friend of Infinity Concepts. As an inspiring, motivating and humorous professional speaker, she empowers others with a renewed reach toward dreams and purpose they once thought impossible. Thanks so much Gail, you are such a pleasure to work with! Read more

4 Step Plan For Funding Your Media Outreach

A media outreach typically develops out of the growing communication efforts of a nonprofit, ministry, or church. Eventually a decision is made to take the media efforts to a higher level and reach out through television, radio, or the Internet. The challenge is always how to pay for the media. There are four specific elements to financing the expansion of a media outreach that need to be considered before any significant steps are taken. Read more

Doing Media Planning before Media Placement

Mapping Your Future Success

With a sizeable budget in hand, many organizations go for broke by picking up every available media time slot that they can find. And then they wonder why they fail.  They skip straight to media buying and miss media planning. Read more

As you launch into your program, it is vital to know how the world of Christian television programming works.  Before you get to media buying and media placement you need to look at what types of programming there are and how they fit into your vision.  To boil it all down, it comes down to the types of airtime a station uses to fill its programming schedule Read more