At Infinity Concepts, we have been privileged to work with many great ministries and non-profit organizations. We have learned a lot about what it takes to establish and grow a successful organization. We have also helped a number of organizations that were at risk and needed to find fresh solutions to put them back on course and take them to the next level.

How healthy is your organization?

I want to encourage you to take a moment to do a quick CHECK-UP to see how your organization is doing. Print out this blog – or on a separate

Bonfires, nature hikes, fireworks, rising heat; each indicates very well that summer is in full swing. In the midst of the summer and the July 4th celebration of America’s Independence, we are frequently reminded of past summer memories as well as the American Forefathers who lead us all to the freedoms we have today. But in retrospect there are many organizations, brands, teams, and leaders who can effectively learn from the inner ambition of these individuals. For these individuals embodied everything it means to be creative and innovative; something that many brands try to

What are GSOTs?  You cannot maximize your potential without them; you will never see the level of success you desire unless you have them; others will pass you by unless your GSOTs are in order. GSOTs give strategic insight into your organization’s action plan, process, and future. GSOTs are goals, strategies, objectives, and tactics.

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