It is widely known and accepted that social media is one of the most powerful forms of communication today. With power this great also comes the risk of consequence. Social media is the one of the strongest forces available to amplify your platform. It can also can amplify your mistakes.

For many organizations, these mistakes can be costly. Once something is made public online, it is permanent. Many organizations have tended to not fully jump into these deep waters. However, a partial dive can be equally as costly if you are making these social media mistakes.

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Many people know that Google AdWords is synonymous with those little text ads that pop up in Google when you search for things. But AdWords is a lot bigger and does a lot more than just search ads. In fact, it is one the biggest and most versatile advertising platforms in the world.

Here are three things that most people do not know about Google AdWords.

1. AdWords is not just search ads, it is Internet-wide display advertising. Using the same tools and the same login, AdWords can be used to place image ads and even video ads across the

One Practical Way To Boost Your Twitter Reach

There seems to be an endless supply of tweets, ebooks, blog posts, and articles with key principles of using Twitter more effectively.  But of all the content out there, I only rarely come across something that meets these three criteria: Novel, Doable, and Effective.  And increasing your twitter reach by positioning yourself as a primary source is something that meets all three conditions.

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So you have a real certified social media strategy.  You’ve put the time in, done the research, built the plan, gone through the social media strategy checklist to look for holes in your approach and you’re sure your plan has some real substance.   But is everything plugged in and ready to go? And how do you determine if your strategy is actually working?  Even the best plans can fall through and almost every plan needs to be adjusted when the rubber meets the road.

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I hear a lot about social media strategies these days.  It’s a popular term.  What I don’t see is a lot of is real strategy.  Companies have social media plans, a collection of processes and objectives that guide their day to day operations.  And while having a plan is certainly better than just engaging in random acts of social media, something is missing.  A real social media strategy is all-encompassing, it reaches all levels of the organization and isn’t limited to any social channel like Facebook or Twitter.

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